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You can do all this right now by configuring the Keypad unlock actions in the app, so when they use their code to unlock the door it will trigger all the above.

On exit, if your guests are instructed to use their code to “lock” the door (some locks like Yale and Schlage support this, i.e. disable Lock n Go/One Touch Locking) you can configure Keypad lock actions in the app to do the reverse.

But I actually want to have this all accomplished before the guests arrive. Many of my guests arrive after dark so I need to have the sidewalk and patio lights turned on. I also want the house set to a comfortable temperature, water turned on, etc prior to their arrival.

I have developed a work around by using the AirBnB Calendar URL, Google Calendar, IFTTT, and Stringify. It works okay but is not very elegant. Having your SmartApp activate this at a specific time on the day of check-in our out would be much much easier.

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This would be really nice! Do I need to install another app (text to speech?) to do this?

Is there any garage door opener system that can be integrated with this functionality - specifically the ability to automatically assign an access code for an external keypad to allow an AirBnB guest to access the garage via the keypad during their stay?

The only way I could think of doing that is embedded a Schlage lock in the garage door frame on the outside. You wouldn’t need the lock portion to actually work, just need a reliable / secure outdoor keypad.

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I another option is to use a Keypad like the ones here and assign it a custom action in RLA or have it synchronized with your garage door using this app.

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Are any of those supported devices okay for use outside?

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It depends on the conditions. I wouldn’t leave it in direct rain or direct sunlight.
We’ve got a few mounted outside under a siding next to the garage for over a year now. The Xfinity UEI are doing very well, followed by the IRIS v3 and v2’s.

There any many users using the keypads in more extreme conditions. Somehave mounted them inside a box (I believe the IRIS proximity sensors are very sensitive and have issues with certain types of boxes). Maybe they can share their experiences.

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I just emailed you about the same thing before seeing this post. Unfortunately I don’t actually have a keypad for guests to use to unlock the door as I have glass doors where I haven’t been able to find a lock that will work. I am looking to use GCal but would prefer to use your code and also have a switch or presence sensor, where at 2pm on day of checkin it goes active and I can use webcore to see if its active and then change the routine, the routine will turn on a light, turn on AC in summer to cool the house down, turn on the spa to heat up for the guests before they arrive, etc. At mid day on checkout day it does another routine to set the alarm, turn off the spa, etc etc.

This is really interesting. Ideally the Sonos would welcome the party by name. Is there any way to pass a variable to Sonos to do this?

Is there any status on this?

A little tip for RLA users. When selecting which locks to buy, you can use any Z-Wave/ZigBee lock that supports remote programming. However it is advisable to use locks that have a full keypad. Avoid locks with a limited keypads that share buttons for digits, such as the Kwikset 910/912 as pointed out by @RBoy .
This is due to an inherent design flaw in these locks, if two codes share the same key button in the same order, e.g. 1234 and 2134, it cannot tell the difference. Consequently the lock will reject codes which share the same order of the key buttons. Since RLA generates codes automatically based on user/reservation information it is advisable to use locks that have a full keypad to avoid running into this issue.
To put it in context, a 10 button keypad can generate 10,000 unique 4 digit codes, a 5 button keypad can only generate 625 unique 4 digit codes.

Some excellent choices that folks have been using:

  • Yale YRD (210/220/216/236/240/256), T1/Keyfree/Assure series
  • Schlage BE469, BE468, FE599
  • Samsung SHP/SHS locks

Avoid Kwikset 910/912 and similar limited keypad locks
EDIT: Note that the BE369 has a firmware bug where it reports locked events as unlocked


Any good suggestions for weather proof locks to be used outside on an exterior gate?

Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback. This release adds new features and significantly improves programming in a weak mesh environment. It is recommended to add a buffering device close to your lock for the best performance.

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 03.00.01

  • Added support for Check-In / Check-Out actions with a early/delayed timer for each property
  • Significantly improved code programming in a weak mesh environment by reducing user movement between slots while synchronizing with rental calendars
  • Detect if security keypads are selected and enable SHM direct control by default
  • Now up to 10 properties can share a common entrance/lock per app
  • Improved support for early/late check-in/check-out manual date overrides
  • Active users are now shown in green instead of blue.
    User status colors:
    • Green -> active
    • Grey -> inactive
    • Yellow -> pending lock confirmation
    • Red -> lock error

More details about RLA can be found in the first post of this topic and on the RLA FAQ page.

You can now use custom Routines to adjust your thermostats, arm/disarm your security system, adjust your switches, turn on lights in the evening through custom Check-In and Check-Out actions (a separate feature from Keypad Lock/Unlock actions) for each property. These actions will only run when there is a renter checking in or checking out.


Can you elaborate more on this improvement?

With this new version you can now manually change the activation (check in) and deactivation (check out) dates for automatically scheduled users in both directions (extend or shorten) for any number of days. E.g. If you renter decides to stay on for another month, you can go into the user’s page and adjust the end date to a month out or if they want an early check out adjust it accordingly. If you want to revoke access for the renter you can change the end date to yesterday and it will deactivate the code.
It also does a better job of tracking the manual changes made to dates for the automatic reservations and remembers them for the duration of the reservation.

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Ok cool. One suggestion I’d like to make is to allow us to access the guest management portion of the app even quicker. Once everything with the rental is automated, the most labor intensive part of managing guests are their frequent requests to checkin/out early/late. We go deep down into the guest details almost everyday, so giving me a shortcut to go straight to edit checkin times would be awesome.

Hi. This App is AMAZING!! Thank you guys.

I just have an issue. I installed the app yesterday and I have an issue. This is my scenario:

I have 1 house with 5 rooms rented exclusively on Airbnb. Each room is assigned with a different access code, so I configured the app with one lock with 5 properties, for each property I configured the iCal URL. Everything went so smooth! All the guests were synced great.

Now, 1 day after, I’m getting notifications from the app saying:

“AirBnB response from property XXX returned an error: Failed with status code 302. Retrying in about 60 minutes”.

I’ve received these messages it 3 times this day, per property (I have 5 properties, so 3 times today I’ve received 3 burst of notifications saying this).

I double checked the iCal URL and it’s responding well on a browser.

Is there any further information I can send to see if this is an issue from the App or Airbnb side?

Thank you so much!!

I would like to see MisterBnB support! Getting about 1/3rd of my bookings from there now. Still thinking of trying it out without it though

It is recommended to add a buffering device close to your lock for the best performance.

Rental Lock Automater (RLA) - Version 03.01.00

  • Added page to view last 7 days of user usage history (per lock)

More details about RLA can be found in the first post of this topic and on the RLA FAQ page.


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