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[RELEASE] Pi hole controller

(CopyCat73) #1

Simple on/off controller for Pi-hole and some stats.

(Eric) #2

what is Pi hole in this context? Not an ad blocker.

(CopyCat73) #3

(Eric) #4

hm - you use this in your smarthome scheme?

(CopyCat73) #5

To avoid the WAF yes. Some results in google for instance (the advertisements) do not work with pihole active so sometimes you need to disable things from the couch :wink:


or when the house detect wife and kids at home, turn on pihole. Turn off pihole when you’re alone at home for all your adult viewing pleasure LOL…

(Kyle) #7

Thank you for this! Blocks a few services the wife uses, but it’s a pain to make her go through the web interface to disable for a minute. Now she can just ask Assistant to do it for her :slight_smile:

(Scott Bronder) #8

This is fantastic. Thanks.

(Josh Burger) #10

Hi there! Also a newbie. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a very long time, and now that I have a SmartThings hub, I’m excited to do it!
However, using your code, I’m getting the debug error saying that the IP address is missing in preferences, but I replaced deviceIP with the IP address of my Pi.Hole, as well as the API key.
However, reading through the code, I feel like that’s not what is supposed to be done. Where are you supposed to enter your info?

(Chris) #11

Thank you for this! Works fantastic.