Broadlink + RM bridge + IFTTT + SmartThings


I control Broadlink by ST hub via using RM bridge ( I installed it in my android phone) and I learn button by website and it was working fine.

But Now I change my android device with new one and I tried same steps but it is not working,

For that, I think to use other way:grin: by using Webhooks IFTTT.
And I use this subject link as a guide :slight_smile:

But I replaced GH by ST

I link my Broadlink mini3 with through RM bridge.
Also I learn code and it is make shortcut URL.
After that, I tried to use IF this (button in ST), Then That (webhooks “make web request”)
I pasted the Shortcut URL from your in webhooks in IFTTT (make web request) same following photo and same option.

Then I press finish.

But it is not work.

NOTE:: the shortcut url is workin if i pasted in browser :slight_smile:

anyone can help me