[Release] Nexa 433 MHz switches integration with ST Anything v1.0

Hello All,

I would like to share some new libraries I created to integrate Nexa branded 433 MHz power sockets into SmartThings via ST Anything.

Nexa sockets are sold by Class Ohlson in the UK, I bought some a while back when I was trying out home automation before moving to SmartThings. I always wanted to integrate these and finally got around to it.

You can find the code and an introductory Readme at the link below:

I have no affiliation with any of the external links below.

This project uses an ESP8266 NodeMCU, as in the link below:

For the 433 MHz transmitter I used a cheap setup also from Amazon:

By using my library together with ST Anything I can now control these sockets via SmartThings. The range seems pretty good, even without an added antenna I am able to control switches on the next floor up.

Maybe I’m the only person using these but perhaps it can inspire someone else with their project!



Thanks for sharing Kris. Have been looking for something like this. i will get parts ordered and try to get it up and running over the xmas holidays :smiley:

I hope it works OK for you, I use these switches every day through Smartthings and they are still working well for me. My setup is a bit bodged, sat on a breadboard for months… One day I’ll move it onto something more permanent!
The library I wrote only works for the Nexa switches but it should be easy enough to integrate any brand if you can find out the protocol they use. There are some Arduino projects/libraries out there that cover a lot of different brands (rc-switch is a good one).
Good luck, I’ll try to help if you get stuck.

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