[Release] Nexa 433 MHz switches integration with ST Anything v1.0


(Kris) #1

Hello All,

I would like to share some new libraries I created to integrate Nexa branded 433 MHz power sockets into SmartThings via ST Anything.

Nexa sockets are sold by Class Ohlson in the UK, I bought some a while back when I was trying out home automation before moving to SmartThings. I always wanted to integrate these and finally got around to it.

You can find the code and an introductory Readme at the link below:

I have no affiliation with any of the external links below.

This project uses an ESP8266 NodeMCU, as in the link below:

For the 433 MHz transmitter I used a cheap setup also from Amazon:

By using my library together with ST Anything I can now control these sockets via SmartThings. The range seems pretty good, even without an added antenna I am able to control switches on the next floor up.

Maybe I’m the only person using these but perhaps it can inspire someone else with their project!