[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

I think it was my app/neato going absolutely bonkers… :smiley:

Thanks a lot @Alyc100 for super support as usual!
You’ve got to be one of the best developers here!

Thanks @Alyc100 always appreciate great devs like yourself. All working great now. Thanks again.


Anyone else having issues with the neato being offline despite adding them again?
They work in the neato app but in the ST classic app they’re offline…

Ignore above message…
I’m a moron… :smiley:

Please could you let me know the difference between Eco, Turbo and Deep?

  • eco_mode_icon ECO mode is quieter and cleans for a longer period of time.
  • turbo_mode_icon TURBO is a more powerful clean. It may include stronger suction and a faster rotating brush optimized to pick up more debris depending on the model of your robot.

Deep cleaning mode - No idea.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw the Eco and Turbo on the Neato documentation, but then saw ‘Deep’ and couldn’t find anything about it

It looks like ‘Deep’ clean is similar to Turbo Clean, but the vacuum moves a lot slower to give improved pickup on the first pass over the floor. It takes about twice as long as a Turbo clean, apparently it’s a feature that was being worked on but never got released into the official app.

I have used deep clean a few times, it works quite well. But it’s slow and battery doesn’t last that long. If you enable and start deep clean using the smartthings integration, the Neato app recognises it and shows as a different icon (where usually shows eco or turbo). It’s odd that Neato didn’t officially release it but left it in the API.

Also, would love for zone cleaning integration For the D7! Is that possible?


my neato does appear in smartthings, but it comes across as a Switch, so I only have on and off controls. None of the functionality is working on smartthings!

the same for me in the new app, everything is in the old app

Tjis is currently expected behavior in the new app unfortunately. SmartThings has not yet released custom UI elements to developers in new app but its supposed to be coming soon.

Workaround : use classic to configure your botvacs


Hi folks, first time posting here so be nice lol!

I’ve been using this smartapp but haven’t been having much success if i’m honest. I’m not really too clues up on coding but I’ve been trying my best to read through this thread and I think I’ve worked out where I’m going wrong. I was using @mrmrmrmr DTH to create the smart buttons for my Botvac, this was all working fine but I was messing with it today and I think I’ve updated the smartapp to the latest version which does not like the DTH that I’ve been using.

Could someone maybe explain where @mrmrmrmr code would be placed in the new DTH so that I can get my buttons back?

Also, what is the command for initiating a clean on Webcore? I’ve tried toggle but that doesn’t seem to work too well :-/ neither does running a turn on command. Again I’m quite new to this but keen to learn and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! Since I’ve only used my Neato though Webcore I can only try my best to help you with that part…

This is what I use to start my bot, and it works successfully every time. So, a ”Turn On” command should be all that is required, preceeded by any configuration info you want to send (map mode, clean mode, dock, …)

I hope this helps…:raised_hands:t4:

Thanks for the advice :grinning: I actually figured out a way to do this and managed to get it working solidly. It’s definitely the long and wrong way to do it, but it works everytime and there are other benefits to having it this way.

I created a scene that pushes the clean button, I then created a virtual button that triggers this scene through automations. In webcore, I can toggle the virtual switch which then runs the scene.

I’ve got this setup for my litter robot, when it’s cleaning, Neato vacuums the area around the litter tray to pick up and scattered litter, it’s worked everytime.

Another advantage to having this as a scene is that I can run it from my Garmin watch.

One final note, I noticed in the clean button device handlers, navmode is set to 3, this will make neato deep clean. I just wanted to quickly clean a small area so o changed this to 1 and it’s now doing a normal clean.

Hi Folks,
I am a new user from Italy, for only one month, I still don’t know many things well, but I am trying to learn, with the difficulties of the language and not knowing how to program anything.
. I connect my neato with the help in this post, and with the smartapp I sett a regular cleaning every day when i go out of my home. My question is: “why a lot of people use webcore for setting?” What more can you do with webcore that the app doesn’t already do?
The only negative is that with the old app I see a lot of information, with the new V3 app just like a button

I still use the main Neato app for cleaning, I don’t really use scheduling as I have pets and have seen the nightmares that can happen if they have an accident and the vacuum coats the house in it! :joy::joy:

I wanted webcore integration as I have a litter robot (Automatic cat litter tray) and when my cat leaves, he usually has some litter stuck to his paws. I have webcore set up that if me or my partner are home and the litter tray is in cleaning mode, the vacuum will clean the area around the tray where his litter usually lands.

This saves me having to have an ugly mat under the tray that never works and means I never have to deal with him ‘tracking’ any litter.

Another advantage of webcore is that you could schedule a cleaning based on parameters ie, if I ever set up a schedule it will have a constraint that me or my partner will be at home whereas a lot of people have it clean when they leave

Any plans to bring custom VID and capabilities to the Neato integration? @Alyc100

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Hi @mrmrmrmr
I have tried to use your child device handler for my D7 Connected, but I am not that experienced yet. Should I paste the code into the original device handler from Alyc100? If yes, wherein the code, and should I alter anything? If no, I guess I should create a separate device handler, but how do I set it as a child? I would be grateful for any help/link to a guide.
Thanks :slight_smile: