[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Working now, thanks!

Hi Alex
Amazing integration by the way.

I have put all the details in, and the Smart App is installed; but, when I go into the Neato Botvac in the Things section my top left title says: Error, the one below it is red with Link bad on it, there is writing on the top area saying: Robot Serial and/or secret is not correct… (I have checked the serial and it is correct).

The bin icon comes through as: Unknown, there is no symbol in there. The battery symbol is just a line with no battery status. It says it is docked, and that it is charging, and there is a schedule set up, and the bottom left image is green with seen on it.

Then when I go into the SmartApp and go to BotVac status it says: Neato Botvac - My Neato is error Battery is null%

The home button on Bob (the vacuum) is a solid green, and I have signed out of the Smartthings app, and signed back in as well.

If I can help further please let me know, as this integration is awesome.

I am currently running Version 1.1d of the SmartApp, and it is a D85 machine.

Thank you Alex.

Hi James,

I could be wrong and maybe @roberto can correct me, but I don’t think that the D85 is expected to work with this integration.

I assumed that the only supported Botvacs would be the Connected Series (the ones that work with the Neato app) which include the Botvac D3, Botvac D5 and Botvac Connected.

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Hi Alex
Aww bummer. Thank you for getting back to me though, and clarifying that.


The D85 doesn’t have wifi, so it can’t communicate with smartthings. Only the Neato D5, D3 and Botvac Wifi will work.

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It is official!!! I have a new hero!!! Everything works great.

I could never find the ideal schedule to vacuum with my Neato Connected. Either family members complained about being woke up or about the vacuum getting in their way. Now I can schedule the vacuuming while everyone is out of the house preventing any type of intrusion on the family. This is awesome!!!


P.S. So why is Rachio taking sooooo long???

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Thanks for the feedback!

Make sure you update to 1.1.2b which contains a critical bug fix for smart schedule.

What should I add to the GitHub Repository fields (Owner, Name, and Branch) to make the upgrading process easier in the future?

@James_Johnson, indeed @Alyc100 is correct: only connected models will work.


Owner: alyc100
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: master

Works great, thank you !

Finally got my Neato - got all setup and looks pretty good.

One issue - I have set Turbo mode in the device settings but when I click start in the ST app it seems to start an eco clean but if I do it from the Neato app it seems to stay Turbo. I will have to look at logs later but something seems off.

One other thought - can you add the Mode to the DH screen?

Done and done. Please update to Neato Device Handler v1.2b. Very very silly bug has been fixed. Hopefully.

Thank you. Where should I see the mode? Also it seems the status isn’t updating. It’s charging now but says it’s cleaning. I should say it’s said that while it was cleaning also.

This looks like it’s still in the middle of a cleaning cycle, but has had to dock to charge up before continuing to clean where it left off as 7% battery is too low to start cleaning.

Mode will show in top panel when Botvac is in ‘READY’ mode so you can view what mode has been configured before it starts cleaning. Looking to move this option from settings into main tile area in the next update though.

Yes i see it now that it has finished - i was thinking it would be a button/tab at the bottom but since it’s not really changeable this makes sense. ah read again looks like you will move it down - great!

Also you are right although it did say busy charging while it was cleaning. I will check it next time it cleans.

Thanks for all the work - this is great. Two floors done today. My first robotic vacuum - I am quite impressed.

Try out Device Handler v1.2.1 and let me know what you think. The new Cleaning Mode tile allows you to toggle between cleaning modes without going into settings.

I like it! Looks modern and fancy :slight_smile: Nice use of the icons.

The only thing I would say from a cosmetic standpoint would be to have “SEARCHING” be something else while the bot is docked. Nit picking at this point.

This is some A+ work.

Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey. I agree, it makes more sense to remove ‘Searching’ when Botvac is idle. v1.2.2 fixes this.

Looks great! Thanks for the quick turnaround on everything!