[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Hi Alyc100

Brilliant job!, is it possible to have button / Tile for Neato to Dock & Charge?


Thank you :slight_smile: now my connected is a little more connected… LOL

Any idea if Homebridge + Neato work ?

@luckyearl - This is possible. Tile number 5 will change to ‘Dockable’ when the Botvac is in the right state to be docked. This usually appears when the Botvac is paused. You can tap the tile to send it back to dock and charge.

@Vaibhav_Arora - The Botvac device has a switch capability. So in theory, this can work with Homebridge via the JSON API smart app in smartthings.

I love what you’ve done here but I’m no developer (long time home automation geek dating back to the old X10 systems) and don’t seem to have a option on my account to create my own smartapps.
Is there any chance that you will get this published as an ‘official’ smart app any time in the near future?

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I doubt it as I personally haven’t seen any community created device types end up on the official smart app list. Are you sure you don’t have an option to add custom smartapps?

This may help FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings

About three quarters of everything that is in the marketplace section of the official mobile app started out as a community – created app. Device type handlers are more complicated because they want to test the actual physical device as well.

Anyway, you can submit it, but the problem has been it is sometimes taking more than a year for them just to process submissions.

There’s information on the following page for how to officially submit code, but I don’t think it’s a really high priority for them right now, they’re working on platform stability.


@jody.albritton might be able to say more.

Unfortunately, yes, I’m sure
I don’t have the developer option on my graph.api.smartthings.com page and when I try to sign up for a developer account I get told that my user name already exists. I really don’t want to write any of my own but I did want to add you app to my system.
Oh well,
Thanks anyway


As much as I would like this app to work I can not get it to work.

With smart schedule disabled in smartthings I can enable the schedule in the neato app. The second I open smart things it shuts off the schedule in the neato app. I can try and click the schedule enable button on the smartththings app I can see the timer click on on my vacuum to indicate the schedule was enabled then 20 sec later it clicks off.

If I enable the smart schedule in smartthings app then set the interval time to 0 so that I can test that the triggers work (set it to start within 4 min of present time) it never starts the vacuum. Charging tile also rarely works, as well as the docking tile.

Neato app everything works as expected as long as the app is unistalled from smartthings.

Hi Mike,

If you update the Device Handler to v1.2.2b, it should stop disabling the Neato app schedule if SmartSchedule is off. If SmartSchedule is turned on however, it will disable the Neato app schedule automatically.

In regards to your other points:

  • I just tried to set the SmartSchedule trigger to 0 interval with ‘No triggers’ and my Botvac started as expected. The only thing is that the app poll interval is set to 5 minutes to prevent too many API calls to Neato. So it may take up to 5 minutes beyond the expected scheduled time to activate the Botvac.

  • I haven’t heard from others about the tiles not working. The charging tile works when the battery is less than 90% and is docked otherwise it will be empty. The docking tile seems to update OK for me but I will keep an eye on it.

Anyone else out there having any issues like Mike? (I have fixed the Neato schedule disabling bug)

I have put my new connected through the paces and I’d say the tiles seem to work just fine. A refresh is needed of course if you want an instant update but so far I have had no issues telling what state things are in.

ok the polling interval makes sense. I understood what you were trying to do with the schedule thing but it wasn’t working that way. I will update the device handler and see if that fixes the issue.

The charging tile fairly sure the battery was above 90% so that “could” have been the issue. It was greyed out.

The docking tile used to light up but not anymore. What are the requirements for the docking tile to light up?

The charging status is fed from the API and it’s just something I’ve noticed about the behaviour of that tile.

The docking tile doesn’t light up different colours. It changes icons and label depending on the following dock status [docked, undocked and dock]. When the tile says ‘dock’ it can be tapped to send the Botvac to it’s base.

So maybe the “docking” tile is the wrong name for what I am talking about. I am referring to the tile that looks like the docking station. To the right of the tile you are talking about.

edit updated the device handler it no longer disables the schedule in the neato app :+1:

This is the tile I am referring to:
6. Whether your Botvac has seen it’s base on a cleaning cycle. If status is ‘SEEN’ and green, then it will fully dock itself when sent back to base. If status is ‘SEARCHING’ and yellow, then it will head back to starting location but won’t fully dock.

Thank you!

Got a chance to test everything and with the latest updates everything is workings as expected including the tile I mentioned.

I am having an issue with the Neato app

I installed this version

Every time I try to enable the schedule it enables it then about 15 second later it disables the schedule. So even if I get it enabled through the Neato app the second I open smartthings it disables my schedule. I’d like to use the app that was developed but can seem to get schedule to stick enabled.

Even if I never open the neato app and try to enable through the smartthings app it disables.

Any clue on what needs to be fixed?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved: It would be best if you ask your question in the original thread where you got your code. That way other people who are using it will see your post, while they may not see it here.

Hi Mike,

This has been fixed on the Neato device handler now. Just update to v1.2.2b.

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Thank you so much, this is a huge step toward full home automation for Neato owners,

Hey guys! I’m a little new to this and went through all the steps. When I get to the My Apps section within the marketplace and click on the Neato (Connect), nothing happens. When I go to the Automation tab, I see that it adds a Neato (Connect) smartapps everytime I clicked it within the marketplace. -_- I’m going to lose my mind, as I don’t even know how to delete these since it does not even allow me to open them. What am I missing here… :frowning:

EDIT nevermind I forgot OAuth -_- sorry guys, amateur here. lol

Neato seems to be opening up their API more. As of today you can control the Neato with an Amazon Echo. Not nearly as much information as you can get from this great app but you can certainly control it.

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