[RELEASE] Monoprice Shock, Acceleration and Vibration Sensor

Installed the RBoy device handler and paired. It reads the battery and tamper switch, but no matter if movement or vibration, it always reads inactive.

Update - just figured out if the tamper switch is active, cover is off, it will not report any motion or vibration activity.

nothing happend even after published rboy device handler could any one help me please

Official Monoprice Shock and Acceleration Sensor Device Handler - Version 01.03.00

  • Added support for new ST app
  • Added capability to report as a Motion Sensor in addition to Shock/Acceleration sensor so it can be used with SHM

NOTE: If the device is shaken very violently, sometimes the “spring” mechanism inside the device could get “stuck” behind the capacitor in some devices which can cause it to stop sending further notifications until it is reset.

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The new device handler from RBoy Apps works perfectly with the Monoprice shock sensors. The Smart Home Monitor portion of the Smartthings app recognizes them as motion sensors and will display an intrusion just as if a door/window switch was triggered. I recommend the RBoy Apps company and their support them without reservation.

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Anyone know what kind of 500K pot that is? Mine just broke off.