[RELEASE] Mode Change Actions - Open/Close Door/Window/Switch/Lock/Valve/Shade Notification and Actions on Mode Change

Ok, but if I need to go into the app to look for switches that are still on, I would notice which windows/doors are open too. So I think, having one notification for everything saves a lot of time. A quick glance that everything is off, closed and locked is much better than scrolling through hundreds of items, in my opinion.

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Maybe I’m not understanding, why would you need to go into the app to look for which switches are on? You can just tell the routine to turn them off right? (something which isn’t possible with a door/window)

There are only so many switches you can add to a routine before it times out. So, no I cannot have one routine to turn them all off. Plus, some switches, like cameras should be on, and having a notification that they were actually turned on is a plus.

###Open Door/Window/Switch Notification on Mode Change - Version 1.1.0

  • Added support for check and notify if switches are left On and an option to turn them Off

Question. All of the switching mode slots say “When switching to mode Away”. It appears that the app is only seeing the Away mode and none of the other modes. However, I tried to play in the simulator all modes are there. Am I doing something wrong here?

Yeah I’m seeing that in the latest Android ST app too, it’s working fine on iOS. Looks like ST broke their app again, they had fixed it earlier. See this

OK thanks. I am glad to hear that is not me but disappointed that ST has once again broken something that was working on the latest Android release. Hopefully on the next release they can fix it and I can give it a try.

Please report it to ST support or likely they won’t fix it.

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Reached out to ST Support and was told that they cannot help me because it is not a vetted app. I will wait for the next Android release and see if ST has fixed it but I am not holding my breath. Love the concept of that app!

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This is no longer the procedure for Developer issues, as far as I know.

i.e., Unless something is visible to a consumer in an approved & published SmartApp, or in some non-customized part of the platform or product…

then just tag, message or email @slagle & @jody.albritton.

Of course, this loses the supposed benefit of “prioritizing issues by number of Customer reports”, :confounded:, but no use fighting the wind.

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There are alternative solutions for this issue. I’ve created a similar app last night and don’t have this problem. I didn’t think you’ll add the switches so I created my own. Thanks for adding them. I was super busy at work today so I didn’t have a chance to look at your code.

I’m wide open to suggestions. The great guru’s have tried to tackle the href in the past in vain but if you’ve found a way around it yahoooo

Hey, I am not a genius coder like many around here, by any means, I am just a guy with a hobby :slight_smile: I didn’t find a workable solution for the href. Was just saying that not using href, could be an alternative for the moment. I like your approach a lot better than my rudimentary, non-dynamic way, btw. Wish it wasn’t broke. I just added locks to check and lock, if found unlocked after x number of minutes, and two sets of switches, one that could be turned off and one that reports just the status (to make sure that my camera outlets are on).

Hey not all, it’s a stumping problem which seems to plague ST’d Android devs. I’m just glad you found a way around. This also explains why @tgauchat says that SmartTiles will never use dynamic hrefs, I actually had hopes now that it’s been fixed and it’ll remain fixed so I decided to use dynamic hrefs in a lot of my apps to enhance the user experience.


###Open Door/Window/Switch Notification on Mode Change - Version 1.2.0

  • Added support for check and notify if locks are left Unlocked and an option to Lock them

This app now also acts like a backup for Routines in some way. If the routine times out while trying to lock doors or turn switches off, this app will notify the user and then attempt to complete the action.


###Open Door/Window/Switch/Lock Notification and Action on Mode Change - Version 1.3.0

  • Added support for check and notify if garage doors are left Open and an option to Close them
  • Fixed display list of items checked for each mode on home page
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I cannot wait for the Android app to be fixed so I can use your app. Thanks for adding the locks.

Hey I am one of those people that always wanted this! I would love to try it, but at $20-$30 for just this seems pretty steep. [I have no interest in all your other cool smartapps] Any other options available?

I’ve decided that my post doesn’t add any value to the discussion at hand and would better be posted elsewhere, which I am not going to do, I’ll leave that to others if they feel it is necessary. Cheers!


I agree that it can be frustrating not to find an arbitrary discount code until after you’ve made a purchase, but it’s not uncommon across the entire retail industry.

I don’t think the price is unreasonable though.

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