RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

I’m staring this process now, but I thought I would mention I had previously installed Denon Remote iOS app and it had found my JBL SoundFly and my Plex install, though it doesn’t seem to control either of them.

OK, Technics app allowed me to pic music from my Plex server.

It sees the JBL Soundfly speaker. But when I try to play it, it spins for a while, then Technics returns “Cannot play.”

Same appears to happen when I use a local file on the iPad.

But it shows the JBL under its list of DNLA speakers.

HI @mdawson, Seem to be a speaker problem , verify the manual and check if its necessary to turn on some mode to work with DLNA, some kind of multi protocol speakers must to select the mode to play airplay, dlna or Bluetooth, again read the manual , some peaple have problems with the router, some routers need to enable upnp service.

I have UPnP turned on in my router.

The JBL manual I found doesn’t mention modes, or even DNLA for that matter.

I’m using the Veetop receiver which according to Things that are smart is compatible. However it never finds the device in the connect setup. My router has UPnP turned on as well.

I’ve created step-by-step instructions of installing a Raspberry Pi as a DLNA mediarenderer which can then be accessed by SmartThings via @ule’s Generic Media Renderer and used by BigTalker.

I documented this while rebuilding my system to use with BigTalker on my Raspberry Pi. That said, it should be able to be used with any SmartApp that makes use of a device with musicPlayer capability. I am looking for willing participants to give these steps a shot and let me know of anything that needs adjustment/improvement.

Instructions ( Link )

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. I make no warranty or guarantee of accuracy / functionality
These instructions are considered Beta until verified by multiple users.

Please leave feedback in the document, in a PM or here: Raspberry Pi as musicPlayer (speech device with BigTalker)

Thanks a lot for your effort. I have already installed using another guide though, so I cannot comments on yours.

I have installed this set of code, and was able to find UPnP as Android speaker but no sounds are coming to my device (Motorola Xoom) when the code is triggered. I have installed and uninstalled multiple media renderers and re copied the code. I don’t know what to do next. The speaker device always shows as “No Present” any ideas as to what I should do?

Hi @ATrain, The DLNA by software is not like a Hardware, some programs change the UUID each time the program is restarted or even when come back form background, I have tested some DLNA programs to android, check the list of compatible devices and software, you must to have the last release of mediaRenderer connect, test it and feedback

I uninstalled the speaker and re-installed with Private Dancer as the Renderer. All is well now. Thanks for your effort!

HI @ATrain , Private Dancer do not feedback the metadata and status, PD just refresh info every 3 minutes, you cant see what is playing, PD works fine with messages but it do not play music after the message very well because it takes 3 min to check if a song is playing, if you want to use it for messages PD is great because works fine in background is very small and works in old devices, I have several old android phones (5 dlls in ebay) to hear the messages almost everyware, you can set to mute if no motion has been detected or if its nigth , etc

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Any having issues adding new dlna devices via Media Renderer (connect) app? its broken for me with a message Upgrade needed (it looks like all connect apps has the same issue), I already contacted ST support and they replied saying they aware of the issue and will be resolved soon but have the same from 2 weeks.

I am having the same problem hope this is fixed soon…

Literally just managed to add my STR-dn840 sony AV reciever using this. So adding devices works. But I am a little bummed, because, for years i have used serviio as my dlna media server and i’m not clear whether I can use it.

I guess I don’t see how to add serviio as a “control point” Can somebody advise?

HI @KumarMudedla,Its new this kind of problems , I have reported HubAction not working but firmware its different, please check the firmware of you hub and tell me the number, and the hub version,

hi @jt323bd, You must to use your DLNA server , servio or any other, ST is not a control point to music, ST just send messages or tracks when an event occurs, some control points do not work fine with ST , please read the first post to known about control point.

@ule thanks for checking, this issue got resolved for me by following 3rd Party Hubs not connecting - work around

I’m confused. Can i plan music using my dlna server (pc), smartthings, and my dlna media renderer (sony reciever). without using a phone as a “control point”. I’m trying to just play music when a switch turns on. Is there a PC control point that works?

I have an Onkyo 3009 and old Android phone with Bubble Upnp. The android and Onkyo will play sound clips fine. However, the onkyo will not play voice messages. I have voice set to Samsung. Anyone else have this issue with there AVR?


I’m using Donkey UPNP app on Android phone (connected to dock) with the device handler
It works fine if I use with no external TTS selected.
But if I enable external TTS and enter my VoiceRSS key , nothing changes.

In fact the device plays the cached sound from previous attempt (with no external TTS)

I use the “speak” command which is equivalent to “playTextAndResume”

If I return to “no external TTS” setting I can get new non-cached sound. But if I keep “external TTS” , it gives the same result even if I changethe text sent to “speak” command.

What might be the problem here ?


the key had problematic characters. I removed them and now it is working.