[RELEASE] Elk M1 Alarm Interface

email sent. Be happy to test out and see if it resolves the issue!

Hi have ordered the ESP8266 just sending you Beer Money can yo send over the file.


Thanks Adrian, will message you direct.


I just got my hardware from your shop. Fun kit. I have a couple of questions.

I am not getting Open / Close Contacts on creation of child devices. They are all showing as motion. Representative names are “Front Door” and “Back Sliding Dr”. See attached zone list.

Is there a firmware update I need? Am I missing something from the doco?

The ESP can now detect if you have a door/window sensor rather than a motion sensor, it does this based on the name of your zone. Please ensure in the Elk config that you name the zone to include one of the following if you want it to show as an open/closed contact: ‘Door’, ‘door’, ‘Dr’, ‘dr’, ‘Window’, ‘window’, ‘Wind’, ‘wind’, ‘Win’, ‘win’, ‘Wdw’, ‘wdw’

Also, just a couple of helpful tips, you might add to the doco.

  1. Make sure you are not in Remote Programming mode while testing. Elk RP software has an exclusive lock when programming and won’t allow other communicaiton through the EXP.
  2. Make sure “Access Mode” is unchecked for the user code you are saving into the ESP. No worky with “Access” enabled.

Here is my Zone List:

"zonename":"Front Door",
"zonename":"Family Door",
"zonename":"Garage Door",
"zonename":"Window Break 1",
"zonename":"Window Break 2",
"zonename":"Window Break 3",
"zonename":"North Utility Dr",
"zonename":"Upstairs Mats",
"zonename":"Kitchen Slide Dr",
"zonename":"Back Sliding Dr",
"zonename":"BRITH Slide 2 Dr",
"zonename":"BRITH Slide 3 Dr",
"zonename":"BRITH Slide 4 Dr",
"zonename":"Master Slide Dr",
"zonename":"Fire Alarm",
"zonename":"Zone 53",
"zonename":"Zone 54",
"zonename":"Zone 55",
"zonename":"Zone 56",
"zonename":"Zone 57",
"zonename":"Zone 59",
"zonename":"Zone 60",
"zonename":"Zone 61",
"zonename":"Zone 66",
"zonename":"Zone 68",
"zonename":"Zone 72",
"zonename":"Zone 73",
"zonename":"Zone 74",
"zonename":"Zone 75",
"zonename":"Zone 78",
"zonename":"Zone 91",
"zonename":"Zone 95",
"zonename":"Zone 96",
"zonename":"Zone 103",
"zonename":"Zone 106",
"zonename":"Zone 107",
"zonename":"Zone 114",
"zonename":"Zone 116",
"zonename":"Zone 119",
"zonename":"Zone 120",
"zonename":"Zone 121",
"zonename":"Zone 129",
"zonename":"Zone 133",
"zonename":"Zone 136",
"zonename":"Zone 143",
"zonename":"Zone 148",
"zonename":"Zone 163",
"zonename":"Zone 168",
"zonename":"Zone 199",
"zonename":"Zone 203",
"zonename":"Zone 204",
"zonename":"Zone 206",
"zonename":"Zone 207",
"zonename":"Zone 208",
"zonename":"Zone 210",
"zonename":"Zone 211",
"zonename":"Zone 218",
"zonename":"Zone 219",

Hi @Greg_Bazar - Youre right, I have fixed a few things in the firmware and havent sent it out yet as I was still trying to test it and confirm all is good. I think Ive got everything sorted now and its got loads more features in it, so hopefully you have now received a link to update and fix the issues you are having with motion/contact detection. Thanks for the tips too, I’ll add them to my Github guide.

@Greg_Bazar Just checking the updated firmware is now working well for you?

Hi, the updated firmware is working well for me. I have now been able to create some automations based on the wired alarm system door sensors as well as motion sensors. All seems to be working great so far. Thanks for your work on this.

Here is a screen shot of the device in Smartthings per your request:

Let me know if you think it’s possible to reach further into the alarm system to create other automations, for example, looking for a way to turn the door chime off in the evening and then back on in the late morning. Things like that.

Thanks again!

Thanks very much, great to see it in use and see it fully setup! Without a panel of my own its difficult to see everything fully working.

About the door chime, can you link the door chime to an output, and then trigger the output through ST which indirectly turns on/off the chime? If that isnt possible in the Elk Configuration software then I will have a look at what options exist in the API document.


It looks like the ESP loses communication with the Elk after running for a couple of days. Once I restart the ESP everything comes back online. Are there logs I can be looking into?


Thats curious, Ive not seen that before. Has it happened once or twice? Next time it happens can you tell me if the ESP webpage is accessible? If it is accessible what happens if you press one of the ESP links (e.g. status page or disarm)? Does that fix the integration?

Im trying to work out if the ESP is dropping alarm communications, or if ST is dropping the ESP.

It’s happened twice now, the ESP web page was accessible both times. I will test to see if the motion/door sensors work before I restart it next time. Then I’ll test the ESP web page links.

Yup that would be very useful information.

And just to confirm this is with a SmartThings integration rather than MQTT? For MQTT I might need to update the firmware as there was a library update that gave more reliable performance.

Yes, this was direct to SmartThings

Can I ask you to restart your ST hub before I do any more investigation? I sometimes find that ST hubs get into a ‘stuck’ state where they lose connection to some things sometimes. That’s the only thing I can think of, off the top of my head for why nobody else has this problem.

Is there a way to support more than 40 zones? I currently have 60, even after consolidating a bunch last weekend.

While it is running can you tell me the free heap number on the Elk dashboard, just to confirm there is no risk of storing some extra names and IDs.
In theory it is possible and I can add it easily I just never thought anybody had that many zones!

Incidentally when checking the code it should support more zones, just not store the zone names. Can you send me the contents of your ‘getzonenames’ page from the Wemos dashboard please.

Incidentally for anybody else with lots of zones, I have now published a version of the firmware supporting up to 60 named zones, but no other major changes. Once I have a few more useful changes then I will send out the link, but let me know if you want it earlier.

Hi, about to bombard you, my apologies. Finally was able to install the device and working through some wonky issues.

  • My last zone is not pulling the correct name (Porch Door)
  • I am trying to use Dr or Door, but could Doors be added as an option? Maybe this isn’t totally an issue, please see next note.
  • All doors/windows are shown as “inactive” when not open, do you have any ideas why they don’t show open/closed?
  • Alarm State will not update with anything - it remains blank
  • I’m not sure if it is a result of the above but the SmartThings Smart Home Monitor isn’t giving an update based on actual status of the alarm
  • Is there any way to get Arm Instant or more importantly Stay Instant working? That’s my second favorite mode next to Away ;]
  • I know you said you were sending out firmware updates, I feel dense, but where would I get that? I don’t have any emails on it.

Thank you, sorry for bombarding you, your product is awesome and thank you for making it! It was easy to install the board as well!!!

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Seems you didnt receive my email as I did send out the firmware by email, will send it to you again, this will cover the following points:

  • If you dont have the latest firmware it wont detect windows/doors, so upgrading firmware solves all those issues (Door would be included anywhere in the name so Doors would count aswell).
  • Im not sure what you mean by alarm state? Do you mean in SmartThings on the alarm device?
  • Smart Home Monitor isnt connected to the Visonic Alarm device as ST does not allow an automatic integration with SHM. This means alarm panel status changes are only visible if you click on the actual alarm device that is created when you follow the github instructions. You can link it to SHM (or the ST home/away/night mode) using a tool called Webcore, and you would just need to create a set of pistons that monitor for state changes in SHM and make the alarm panel device match (i.e. if SHM changes to Away mode then trigger ArmAway on the alarm device, ditto if the alarm device changes to ‘strobe’ then set SHM to armed home/night mode). We can come back to this once we’ve got the other bits working if you need a bit more help with this.
  • I have just added Arm Stay Instant to the firmware aswell, will include that in the version I send you. To enable the Instant option your easiest option is to modify the device handler on line 219 where it says " getAction("/armhome")" - change it to " getAction("/armhomeinstant")"

If you don’t mind, could I get that firmware update also? I think there are a few things that would be beneficial. Thanks for all your work on this.

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