[RELEASE] Dark Weather 2.1

For those using my Dark Weather app, I’ve made a small but important update that brings it to version 2.1.

If it began raining overnight and into the morning, the app wasn’t watching for this condition. As such, the triggering switch would be on but because the event already happened, the app wouldn’t catch it to change to rain mode. That has now been corrected.

When your home enters your morning / daytime mode, the app checks every 5-minutes to see if the switch is on and if you’re in rain mode or not.

NOTE: It is IMPERITAVE that this app be set up to work only in specific modes like “daytime” and “rain” so that it does not take you out of your night modes due to overnight rain.

I have posted the changes to the code on GitHub. So you can visit it there or update via IDE to get the new changes.

More information can be found from the 2.0 announcement here.

I thought the app was not supposed to switch out of “Rain” mode after sunset? I tested it tonight and when I turned OFF my virtual switch the app changed the mode from “Rain” to “Clear” and then turned off my outside lights as I have it set up in your app; but I don’t want my outside lights turned off after sunset. Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Nevermind. It worked the next night. Must have been a glitch in ST.

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Quick question,
maybe I’m wrong but it seems that you need to set up two IFTTT triggers to make this work at least when using Weather Underground to check the weather

  1. When Weather Underground says it’s raining then set the virtual switch on which switches to rain mode
  2. When Weather Underground says it’s clear then turn the vs to off which switches the mode back to home (my daytime mode)
    I don’t see any weather IFTTT app which will flip the app switch back and forth since WU requires a separate app for change to rain & change to clear. Is there one?