[RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

FYI… .just updated SmartThings Android app, and all of my pistons seem to be broken. I can’t edit any of them. (I can see them, look at them, but if i try to change or add to them, get not authorized message. They were fine earlier today, on latest version of CoRE.

I am having the same issue after the update.

Same with me.

What happens if you try logging out of the ST app and logging back in?

I even rebooted the phone. No help. From 3 different devices.

Android users are reporting issues with CoRE after updating the ST app to v2.2.2. Read more in the following post:

Did ST break something with the new release of the Android App today?
I could edit my pistons this morning and now I am not authorized to perform the requested operation when in a piston and trying to cheese elements from lists.
I have the latest code and have cleared the ST cache and data to no avail.

CoRE is broken for me too with update to Android 2.2.2. :rage:

Also having issues with CoRE after updating to the latest Android app. In my case, I’m trying to add a condition to a new rule, but receive a red banner message instead: “You are not authorized to perform the requested operation” with my only options to either go back or tap ‘Remove’ which seemingly does nothing.

Pretty much what I’m seeing too - I can ‘access’ them, but not edit or add (you can start to, but going to add a condition gives you the error as well).

I wonder if o-auth needs to be reset (the ‘reset security token’ in the app?)

On a side note, is it just me or does the IDE (devices or smart apps) take for friggen ever to load?

What happened to the little play symbol next to core under smart apps in the Smartthings app? We used to be able to refresh all of our Pistons by pushing it. Now it’s gone.

I wondered what that play button did. It still shows on mine.

It runs the recover piston method…

def appTouchHandler(evt) {
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same issue

The code for CoRE on Github has been updated, and ST just release v2.2.3 of the Android app. Either one will fix what v2.2.2 broke.


Haven’t updated CoRE yet, but I can confirm that 2.2.3 resolves the issue. Any concerns with using the latest CoRE version with 2.2.3?

Same! Feel a bit daft for not working that one out. - can confirm it’s still on mine iOS/CoRE latest.

Updated both and all seems well!

I did notice that when removing a condition - say I want to change it from presence to switch,- sometimes it will retain the previous attribute. So for instance when I go to tell it, ‘on or off’, it’ll have ‘present or not present’. I have to clear it, then go back far enough to re-add the condition. Though I suspect this is probably not related to ‘outage’, just a coincidence that I noticed it now :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated CoRE but I am unable to save a piston. Receiving a popup “Error Saving Page”. The runtime statistics page gives me the “you are not authorized” popup.

When I try to save any piston I get a red box “Error saving page”. Anyone else having issues? I have the latest CoRE app and the latest ST app.