[RELEASE] Blockchain SmartApps: logger and viewer

Xooa Blockchain Event Logger App allows you to record events generated by SmartThings devices into a blockchain ledger. Blockchain is unique because it is immutable. The immutability of the ledger allows it to provide a trusted history of device usage. In turn, this expands the business applications of smart devices. For example, enforcing a device usage contract between property owners and property managers.

There are two SmartApps: The blockchain logger SmartApp and the blockchain viewer SmartApp. The SmartApps use Xooa’s blockchain platform as a service (PaaS), which allows anyone to create private blockchain networks.

The viewer SmartApp allow you view and search data stored in the ledger. You may also share the SmartThings data you have stored by creating an identity on Xooa and sharing an identifying API Token with other SmartThings users.

There are different ways to share data natively on Xooa’s blockchain PaaS so people you wish to share data with do not have to use SmartThings. Xooa makes it easy for you also run your own blockchain peer to back up your data and store it locally. Data remains confidential unless you explicitly share it with other users.

A few ways in which you can use the Xooa Blockchain Logger App and Xooa Blockchain Viewer App are:

  • Store events from your SmartThings devices in blockchain
  • Retrieve and view past events organized by devices and dates
  • Share immutable event data with others


Follow the instructions and get the code for the SmartThings App and Smart Contract here: https://github.com/Xooa/samples/tree/master/smartthings


The Xooa Blockchain Logger App and Xooa Blockchain Viewer app are provided AS IS with no guarantees or warranties, express, implied, or otherwise.


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Nice! Working well. Which blockchain is it on?

It is on Hyperledger fabric

@arishtjain - first let me tell you that this has been running smoothly through the holiday weekend.

Quick question: Now I like to take a step up and I’d like run External peer on QNAP (container station) to have my own replica of the blockchain ledger but instructions are geared towards desktops. What do I need to do?

@jg506 I am pleased to know that the app has been running smoothly for you. I am checking on QNAP. I will get back to you on QNAP in few days. At this point, desktop support for containers is only available.

@arishtjain any idea why my viewer always shows up blank like this? How can I actually view the logs?

@GRClark The most likely reason for this is an incorrect API token. You can check the developer logs at https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs to find the exact reason. Please note that you need to open the viewer app after opening the log page. Feel free to attach the screenshot of the same for me to get more details regarding this.

Xooa also offers simple APIs to access your data. You can visit https://api.xooa.com/explorer/ to query the data. Also visit https://docs.xooa.com to find what more you can do with Xooa.

Just to update that this integration is still going well I now reached 400,000 immutable home automation records on Xooa :slight_smile: