[RELEASE] Blink Monitoring System Basic Integration

Got the Blink system earlier this year and was eager to get it plugged in with SmartThings. After some research and coming up pretty much empty handed, decided to use what I found (thanks to MattTW and terafin) and build a simple option. The included SmartApp and Device Type provide basic integration for the Blink camera system with the following features…

  • View status of the monitoring system
  • Arm/disarm the system
  • Integrate with SmartThings Smart Home Monitor

** Update 03/12/2021 **

  • The short story is that this integration is NO LONGER BEING MAINTAINED; please feel free to clone the repo and carry it forward!
  • The long story is that ever since ST rolled out the new app and basically broke support for tons of integrations (including this one), I waited, waited and tried many times to find a good enough solution for all of us to enjoy. Unfortunately that never came and I decided earlier this year to explore other home automation options… and I found one that fits the bill perfectly… Home Assistant. The system is stable, flexible and growing in the way all of us had hoped ST would. The great news about Home Assistant is that there are tons of integrations available, including support for this one: Blink - Home Assistant. For those of you who are worried about your Z-Wave/Zigbee devices, what I have done is continue to use the ST Hub as the Z-Wave/Zigbee bridge and use the Home Assistant - SmartThings integration to control everything. I can’t tell you how happy I have been with the Home Assistant platform, capabilities, community, everything… it’s pretty amazing. If you’re like me and frustrated with the current status of ST, give it a look… you won’t be disappointed. It’s been a lot of fun!


  1. Create a new SmartApp and use the code from: smartthings/blink-home-monitoring.groovy at master · redloro/smartthings · GitHub
  2. Create a new Device Handler and use the code from: smartthings/blink-monitor.groovy at master · redloro/smartthings · GitHub
  3. Add the Blink Home Monitoring SmartApp from the SmartThings marketplace
  4. Configure the SmartApp
  • SmartThings Hub: REQUIRED
  • Blink Credentials: REQUIRED to connect to the Blink monitoring system
  • Smart Home Monitor: OPTIONAL integration with SmartThings Smart Home Monitor
  1. Done!



Does anyone know if this is legit?

It appears to be sending the credentials to “prod.immedia-semi.com” which resolves to “https://blink-production-1100102368.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com”. If you go directly to the second url you get a security warning, but since I’m not passing it an auth token, maybe that’s normal.

Edit: This is legit and it provides the features listed in the description. If after installing the SmartApp, the device does not appear in your Things list, try closing and re-opening the mobile app.

I don’t know about this, but I believe this is what you’re looking for: [SUSPENDED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

[quote=“Layton, post:3, topic:41233”]
I don’t know about this, but I believe this is what you’re looking for:
[/quote]A lot of developers, including myself, have spent time developing SmartApps and Device Handlers that we post for the community to use for free.

IMHO this is supposed to be an open source community so I refuse to pay people that are trying to make a profit off of something that so many others are doing for free.


BINGO!!! Couldn’t agree with you more @krlaframboise… this is why I pulled this SmartApp together to meet my basic requirements for Blink camera integration. Just fyi… I used these other two projects as reference:


And here are some screenshots of the Blink Monitor device thing in unarmed and armed state. I can manually arm/disarm the system as well as automatically when I arm/disarm the Smart Home Monitor.

@redloro, I use your app and I paid the $10 to @RBoy. Both are great.

It’s personal preference but @RBoy supports a lot of devices and smartapps. A one time $10 donation well spent.

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@JvH thanks, but as @krlaframboise said, this is a slippery slope and I refuse to donate any $$ for something that is built on open-source community development. Before SmartThings, I had Indigo and Vera Edge and the biggest issue I had with those platforms was that I had to pay some developer for almost every other plugin/adaptor/connector. Yeah - there were some device plugins that were free, but you still have to pay for many of them.

SmartThings is open-source and community driven… and I’d rather keep it that way.


If payment for service is required, it’s not a donation.


I wasn’t trying to start a war. You have an opinion, it’s a fine one. Clearly a lot of people don’t hold the same opinion as you (see RBoy’s thread). I don’t hold the same opinion as you (if one wants to get paid for ones work and people are will to pay them, then why not?). It’s great that a lot of developers put their stuff out there for free but I think it’s a little naive of you to expect that to be the norm.

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At the moment, ST is community driven and most of the SmartApps and Device Handlers are free. As soon as ST makes it easier for developers to charge, I’m sure that will change, but at the moment free is the norm, so that’s not naive at all.

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All you guys have valid points and I also do not want a war… just difference in opinion. As I stated earlier, if I had found SmartThings trying to nickel and dime me at every turn, I would have gone with openHAB or just bit the bullet and gone with Control4. These are interesting times for home automation and right now I’m fully committed to ST, in large part due to the openness of the community.

[quote=“redloro, post:5, topic:41233”]
And here are some screenshots of the Blink Monitor device thing in unarmed and armed state. I
[/quote]When was the last time you tried this?

I just tried, but it threw an exception with the message “Endpoint prod.immedia-semi.com is blacklisted.”

Just now and it works… have you tried this from the command line??

curl -H "Host: prod.immedia-semi.com" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data-binary '{ "password" : "your blink password", "client_specifier" : "iPhone 9.2 | 2.2 | 222", "email" : "your blink login/email" }' --compressed https://prod.immedia-semi.com/login

Does SmartThings have a built-in command line?

No… I mean run that request from the command line on a machine on the same network as your SmartThings hub to rule out any issues with your network, dns, firewall, isp, etc.

Or take a look at this thread: Honeywell integration stops working with blacklist error

Is there any more info under Live Logging?

Based on the link you provided, the request would be coming from a ST server so it wouldn’t have anything to do with my network.

It throws the 2 security exceptions below and a null reference exception as a result of the other 2 exceptions.

Exception retrieving devices: java.lang.SecurityException: Endpoint prod.immedia-semi.com is blacklisted.

Exception during login: java.lang.SecurityException: Endpoint
prod.immedia-semi.com is blacklisted.

Super weird… still working for me, but everything I can find online points to something going on with the hub or the cloud. Before I go off and add a bunch of debug, can you tell me if this app works??


It doesn’t make any sense, but deleting and re-creating the SmartApp and Device Handler seems to have fixed the blacklist error.

This is probably a stupid question, but if you’re not using SHM integration, how do you arm/disarm and view the status?

Nevermind: After I closed and re-opened the SmartApp it appeared in my Device List.

Glad to hear it’s working! Sometimes ST acts a bit weird and needs a reset to settle down.

Thank you for creating this, you’ve been a huge help.