Blink integration

Has anyone started to screw around with this? I saw at least a little of the API was posted somewhere else. Not being code savvy, I’m forced to rely on the kindness of others…

My cameras arrive tomorrow. Excited to see what they bring!

Blink works extremely well. Lacks a lot of features but those are being worked on. Bring on the ST integration!

Just as yourself, I am not code savy. However, I have been able to use Tasker and Sharptools to react to Blink notifications.

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I wrote a Blink app about a year ago to warn me about different things going on in the house (mostly network, weather, internet, etc. related, not ST-specific events). As I think about it, the PC with Blink is also attached and communicating with ST. As of now, I haven’t integrated the two. But you are making me think about it.

EDIT: I do have it talking to ST using IFTTT. I forgot about that.

Are we talking about this?

Too many things named Blink.


I think Blink fist need to open their API before we can see any integration in ST.

Yes, I was referring to the Blink Camera.

Was also referring to the new Blink for Home camera system.

I was corresponding with Blink support about the Sync Module dropping out and suggested a SmartThings interface so I could recycle the Sync Module remotely. Shawn mentioned that the latest firmware should automatically restart the Sync Module (which it may do now).

Blink support has been pretty responsive so far, especially compared to my Nest Cam experience.

Anyway, here is part of his response:

We are looking into integrating IFTTT in the future and may have a SmartThings option down the road as well. Please check out our Updates page for news and features as they become available:

I got mine late last week & liked the device footprint & camera resolution so much that I ordered another camera yesterday.

I asked about scheduling, geofencing & IFTTT – this is what they answered:

We plan to release Scheduled Arming first. After that, we plan on releasing Geofencing and sometime down the road we plan to have IFTTT integration.

Let’s hope SmartThings integration happens soon, too.

any more movement on this yet?
they’re on sale right now with promo codes, etc. check out the DEALS thread this morning.

@rboys device handler and smartapp for the Blink cameras works great.

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I totally missed that.