[RELEASE] Blink Monitoring System Basic Integration

Super weird… still working for me, but everything I can find online points to something going on with the hub or the cloud. Before I go off and add a bunch of debug, can you tell me if this app works??


It doesn’t make any sense, but deleting and re-creating the SmartApp and Device Handler seems to have fixed the blacklist error.

This is probably a stupid question, but if you’re not using SHM integration, how do you arm/disarm and view the status?

Nevermind: After I closed and re-opened the SmartApp it appeared in my Device List.

Glad to hear it’s working! Sometimes ST acts a bit weird and needs a reset to settle down.

Thank you for creating this, you’ve been a huge help.

Opinion’s aside @redloro @krlaframboise here’s a treat for everyone

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[quote=“redloro, post:1, topic:41233”]
After some research and coming up pretty much empty handed, decided to use what I found (thanks to MattTW and terafin) and build a simple option.
[/quote]Thanks again for posting your code because it and the other resources you mentioned provided me with enough information to create my own with some additional functionality.

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I am planning on putting Blink inside and looking out through window.
Am integrating a driveway sensor that I would like to trigger the camera to record clip rather than use the build in motion sensor. Does this simple app provide this capability in Smartthings? Was going to purchase from RBoy but don’t need much capability and don’t mind using Blink app for majority of camera functions.

@zr8000 while the app and handler I wrote here will show you how to trigger arm/disarm, it won’t yield the results you want. Sounds to me that you want to be able to send a command directly to Blink to record a clip… not sure if that can be done or not. You may want to see if there are any updated API docs for Blink and then use the app/handler here as a guide to talk to Blink.

@krlaframboise has also written some more extensive samples and may be able to point you in the right direction.

If there is an API to tell Blink to record a clip, then this should be possible. Good luck.

The cameras won’t detect motion through glass so in your situation you wouldn’t be able to make it record on motion anyways.

The only way to make these cameras record is by detecting motion. I think RBoy is working with Blink to get that changed, but I’m fairly certain Blink hasn’t released a firmware update to fix that yet.

Taking a photo will occasionally trigger the camera to record, but it’s not reliable.

The device handler mentioned in the post above yours has the ability to take photos, but due to SmartThings not storing images securely, the images are stored in state and due to the state size limit it can only store 1 image at a time. I haven’t seen rboys DTH so I’m not sure if he’s figured out a better way of handling images.

Blink hasn’t made their API public, but rboys working with them so he’s the only one I know of that’s seen the API specs. My version uses the specs that you found and I was able to figure out a few other commands on my own like taking photos and enabling/disabling the cameras.

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I have one of mine inside the clear glass shade of a lamp post in my driveway. It’s pointed back at the house, and any little bug, branch or tree shadow motion triggers it. So much so that I turned off motion detection. I do turn it on though when the second cam on the porch triggers for a visitor, I have that motion detection turn on the motion detection of the lamp post…so it catches a video of the whole scene too. The one inside the lamp shade was reporting 105 degrees when it was 90 out the other day…I don’t know what the limit is yet in the little “greenhouse”.

Blink’s FAQ section says it won’t work through glass, but I never actually tested it…

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Ha…yea, I saw that. Maybe they have different kind of glass (energy efficient) that blocks IR in their home office. I didn’t splurge for that kind of glass in my lamp post. :wink:

The other reason they may have said it is that the little blue light “recording” reflects off the glass and messes with the image when it’s dark out. It’s not bright enough to cause a problem in the daylight.

You might want to avoid using LiveView for long periods of time while it’s that hot because it can increase the temperature that the device reports by 10+ degree.

I just tested it and it doesn’t work through the double pane windows in my kitchen. It’s nice to know that it will work through a single pane of normal glass.

That’s an easy fix, just put a small piece of electrical tape over the blue light.

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What are you using for this? I’m trying to figure out the best way to detect when someone enters my driveway. I just tested and it is within zwave range.

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I think it’s “kind-of” working. I’m going to speculate a bit, but I think when it’s dark and cold outside it works as it should through the glass, but at a reduced capacity since the glass is going to block some IR light like it does when it tries to escape a greenhouse. Second when it’s bright outside under glass, there’s more than enough IR to keep it illuminated despite the blocking and when shadows of trees move or people move in the distance (a hole in the IR) triggers it. And finally when it gets really hot it just triggers continuously without motion.

For the most part, I’m taking advantage of that last one quite a bit in the day time in the light pole, since I’m using a different camera to turn on and off the ability of the light pole camera, and if I turn it on it captures automatically when its hot under-glass even if nothing moves. If it’s not hot outside, but daytime, it captures when it sees bigger movement of shadows far away, or a bug flying in front of it closer, so it still works for the most part.

What I believe will get refined as I see more and more examples of when it triggers and when it doesn’t!

I’m not sure if zwave sensors would work because I would have it about 150ft from my hub. Any idea how far away the Smarthings sensor can be from the hub?
This is what I am seriously considering. This is only if I can use this status to trigger a video clip for some camera. This is not a cheap option but would provide much flexibility in the future for things I want to do. Z-Wave Driveway Motion Sensor - YouTube
Also, I would use this rather than the door switch to send the dry contact output of driveway receiver to the hub.

If Blink clip cannot be triggered I might look into another option like Dlink?
One other thing -
check out this video if you have not already seen it. Someone who has been testing the Blink outside in weatherproof box. Looks like it can handle extreme temps because he has had no issues with it.

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I wanted to use Blink cameras in the same way. I have one in my drive way that records every single car in the streen that passes by my house. I end up with a lot of unwanted recordings. I think you are wanting to have another sensor activate the blink camera and disable the built in motion sensor as am I. Have you had any luck with this? What type of driveway sensor are you using?

Have you tried reducing the sensitivity?

I have not purchased any cameras yet.
The integration you mention for simple motion is when I would like to do.
This is really the only reason I need some smartthings integration.

Yes, I got down to as low as three on the sensitivity at that point it does not pick up the cars at 30’ anymore but it wont pick up someone walking 10’ in front of it.