[RELEASE] 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler (Weekday, Weekend) with Remote Temperature Sensor for each Schedule

I also filed a big with Support which will apply pressure to them as an official partner.

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Hi MRobi,

SmartThings made some changes that resulted in the situation that you are experiencing.
We have opened a ticket with them, and they are aware of the issue.
We hope that they will resolve the issue soon.

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@RBoy. Can we get an option like this For each time.? Wake time sleep time return time? Only when the switch is on or off.

I am using the Stelpro Ki Z-Wave Thermostat, and I noticed the hub keep sending " setThermostatFanMode " to the device every 5 minutes and obviously it is not supported by the line-volt thermostat.

Is this normal behavior and is it ok to ignore?

Yes it’s safe to ignore if your thermostat doesn’t support setting the Fan mode. Infact you can leave the Fan mode empty in the app so it won’t send the command at all.

Got it. Thanks.

5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor - Version 03.11.04

  • Added limits for temperature inputs
  • Check setpoints after a thermostat mode change triggered by a change from the external temperature sensor
  • Fix for fan modes

I have installed the 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler with Remote Temperature Sensor. What I need is to control one of the thermostats with the remote sensor (an Aqara sensor). I only really need to set 2 different temperatures, one for the day and one for the night. I set the remote sensor to my Aqara sensor and, for testing only, I set the wake time cool temp to 16 C, “Leave” and “return” times temps to 18 C and “sleep” time temp to 20 (A pain to have to enter all these different times for weekday and weekend which I don’t need). Expected behavior: the thermostat would be set to a high temperature when cooling is not needed and a low temperature when cooling is needed, depending on the remote sensor reported temperature. Actual behavior: the app sets the thermostat to the programmed temperatures (16, 18 or 20) at the schedule times (wake, leave, etc.). I guess I am not getting how this works? Please help.

That means you didn’t select the remote temperature sensor correctly.
There are two options for remote temperature sensors, per schedule or globally (for all schedules). If you enabled the per schedule option on the first page then you’ll have to select the remote temp sensor for each schedule where you want to use it on the second page. If you want to use it all the time, then just turn off the per schedule option and select the remote temperature sensor on the first page.

Thanks for the quick response. I do have the option “Select separate remote sensor for each schedule” turned off.

I have 3 Thermostats built into smartthings (2 CT100 & 1 Filtre). I want to have the the 5-2 app working for just one of my CT100-its connected to my pellet stove. I have the smartapp from Rboy’s site- (not the code in this post), but this smart app can only find 2 of my thermostats. It finds the Filtre and 1 of my CT100, but not the other-the one I want this app to control. Anyone have an issue like this?

It’s the device handler used by your thermostat. If it doesn’t implement the thermostat capability the platform won’t let you select it. For your CT-100 that isn’t showing up, change the device handler to use the stock Z-Wave Thermostat device handler or this one.
In future we will add a workaround allow the platform to select these non compliant thermostats.

That was the fix! One was set to Z-wave themostat and the other was set to Z-wave battery themostat. THANK YOU. I used the stock one. I prob update both you your Enhanced one after I play with this smart app! I always forget to turn my pellet stove down when I leave for work so this app is perfect!

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5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor - Version 04.00.00

  • (New) Support for new platform capabilities, now use with a wider range of thermostats, heating and cooling devices, including WiFi thermostats, battery thermostats, heat only thermostats, cool only thermostats, radiator thermostats and more
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If I want different temp setpoints for different thermostats, but on the same schedule, do I need to have multiple instances of the app? Or is this doable within one instance of the app?

Hi Guys, i have integrate 6 thermostats and 13 window sensors. My assumption was that the rule "when window is open than shutdown thermostat but my danfoss thermostant doesn’t recognize that the window sensor change his status.

Any idea? What could be wrong in my setup?


I’ve installed this app but I cannot get it to work, spent like 2 days trying and no luck. U use Honeywell evohme in auto mode and in application I choose remote sensor option.

My Honeywell is set in auto mode wit certain temperatures and can be manually operated from other sources or smartthings automations which i use for boost or change of temperatures manually through the smarttthings and it all works well.

I tried Ultimate Mode Change Thermostat and works well with same setup when i cool sensor it responds well and when i warm it up it responds perfect

Also I tried Unlimited Customizable Thermostat, but it doesn’t see my Honeywell evohome even after modifying DHT.

Any ideas or suggestions what i might be doing wrong ?

The app stopped working with Ecobee thermostats; the text next to “Which?” says (Required) No device found.
It’s been working with ecobee for years, is there a way to fix this?

I’ve updated to the most recent 5-2 application version and it’s (kinda) working again. However, it totally ignores own thermostat settings. The app is set to “allow thermostat temporary hold”. However if I set any temperature other than scheduled in the app, the app reverts the settings back to whatever programmed. Could be Ecobee specific, but it’s still a real inconvenience. Is it fixable?

Is there any plan for what users of this app will be able to do after October 15th?

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