Fan control with relay and wall switch?

I have a ceiling fan/light with two switches to independently control the fan and light. There’s no neutral wires in the two-gang switch box so I am considering putting a dual relay in the ceiling if the neutral wire is up there. Using a relay like the new version of the Enerwave ZWN-RSM2, I’m hoping I could control the fan and light both from within the ST app as well as from the wall switch, since the relay has aux terminals that can connect to the wires coming from the switches.

One thing that I’m wondering, if my fan switch at the wall has three speed settings, will changing hi/med/lo have any effect on the relay and the fan speed when the switch is turned on and connected to the relay’s aux terminal? I’m guessing maybe not but I’d like to know.

@Navat604 can you help? Thanks.

Not sure if this will work since you haven’t said anything about what wires are available. I don’t know alot about the module you referred to. I think it’s designed for on / off operation. Not really a high,med,low operation. It should work if your just looking for on/off?

If your putting something in the overhead anyway. If you have the room. Could you put a smart fan switch in the overhead. Then connect a remote switch in the wall? The remote switch only needs 2 wires.

Not exactly to code or anything but possibly functional?

Maybe someone else can jump in with a better idea.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to change the speed of the fan. If you are using the old analog Fan speed switch then it will be hight at all positions and off at off position.

That’s what I figured, thanks.

I’ve heard about the smart switch in the ceiling box from other posts on this forum. I don’t think I’ll have enough room, plus I was thinking of having an electrician do this wiring to save myself some time. So I doubt he’d be interested in doing something that’s clearly not up to code.

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If your hiring a professional. Possibly he could just pull you a proper neutral in? Then problem solved!

I would go with this advice. It will be clean, safe and similar price to having a smart Fan switch and another smart switch controlling it.

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I did consider having the electrician pull neutral wires. Just need to convince the wife that if he’s doing it in one room, he might as well do it for all our switch boxes…

Thanks for the suggestions.

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