Relay Switch to connect Neutral and Load wires

Hi guys,

I’m currently automating my electric window shutters.
They have a receiver connected to the motor (for the remote control).
The motor itself is not connected to the neutral phase (so it doesn’t have power) - only when I press the UP or DOWN button, the receiver connects the neutral phase to one of the two wires that go from the receiver to the motor.

Now I’d like to add a Z-Wave relay in parallel (I still want the remote control to work as well).
So I need a relay that simply connects the load wire with the neutral wire.
Most relays (like the fibaro double switch) connect the load wire with the hot wire (to power a lamp for example) - but that’s not what I need here.

Also, if possible it has to be a double relay, as I need to control the UP and DOWN functions (two separate cables).

I know that the Remotec ZFM-80 and the Fortrezz MIMO 2+ would both work. But the Remotec is a single switch, so I’d need two of it, and the MIMO is too big to fit into the housing.

I hope my explanations are understandable.

Thank you in advance for any advice.


Typically relay switch won’t work for you since you are controlling a motor where changing the polarity changes the direction of the motor. @TheSmartestHouse sells Qubino shade/shutter modules that may work depending on the load requirements if your motors:

They also have a DC version:


Thanks for the tag @ritchierich! It sounds like the Qubino shutters would work here provided that motor specifications are met like you said. Let us know if you have any questions about the products @croostmx!

Thank you but the Qubino won’t work.
The motor is 120V and also it’s different to other shutter motors. Often the neutral phase is permanently connected to the motor and the live line is then when you push the UP or DOWN button, the circuit to the live wire is closed and the motor moves.

In my case, the live wire is connected permanently and what’s interrupted is the neutral wire.

I basically only need a switch that will connect two cables that I connect to two terminals. Many switches, especially relay that are meant to control lights, just have a terminal for one load wire - and then they connect the load wire and the live wire when you switch it on. That works with lights, but in my case it doesn’t.

Are you sure your motor is wired correctly? The switch is usually on the hot wire because it’s safer (and required by code). Switching the neutral wire has the same effect since it breaks the circuit, but it creates a potential hazard since the motor is live when switched off. If you’re able to reconfigure the wiring to switch on hot instead, it’ll be safer and you’ll have more options (like the Qubino).

It’s wired according to the manual. It seemed weird to me as well.
What you’re saying is a good idea and could probably work, but I’m not sure I want to try it and risk to damage the motor :open_mouth:
Maybe I’ll just order a MIMO2 and integrate it that way

What’s the model # of the motor? Or a link to the manual?

You were right! It’s not cabled properly. The instructions are not very clear, but I checked back now, and it does say that the neutral line is the one that has to be connected to the motor permanently.

I’ll change that and then the Fibaro should probably work!

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