Notify on power outage

I have a refrigerator in garage connected to a GFCI outlet. I was thinking of using a z-wave outlet like Leviton DZPA1-2BW Decora Smart Plug-in Outlet, and then pairing it with my SmartThings hub. Will it be possible to create a rule where when the outlet is turned off (GFCI switch tripped), SmartThings notifies me? I know that I can do that with a WeMo (WiFi based) switch using IFTTT, but wasn’t sure about doing the same through a z-wave outlet/SmartThings.

That won’t work.

There’s no way for the outlet to give any signal to the plug-in that it’s off. When the GFCI trips, the plug-in will still show an “on” status in ST.


How about something like this?

In the UK the GFCI is referred to as an RCD