Motion detection bug with Smartthings Motion sensor

I have discovered a bug where if you refresh the motion sensor in the Smartthings app too many times, the device registers that as a motion.

This is bad because I have connected my motion sensors to my Smart home monitor. When I am away from home the system uses those to detect intruders, yet by refreshing one too many times it will trigger a fake motion and the alarm will go off.

Below are my steps to reproduce.

  1. using a SmartThings Hub, a Smartthings motion sensor and the iOS Smartthings app
  2. choose your motion sensor in the app
  3. you should be taken to a detailed view where you can pull toff refresh or tap the button to refresh.
  4. pull to refresh
  5. tap the refresh button
  6. repeat 3 & 4 a few times (at least 5 times)

Expected no motion to be detected

Actual: motion is detected even though there wasn’t one.

Can anyone else reproduce this and where can I report the bug?

Just tested it in android app exactly as you described ;(

Ok, we can rule out it being an iOS specific bug.

With your input it seems like it might be a hardware/firmware bug. I dont know if it’s the hub or the motion sensors fault.

I’ve confirmed this bug too, using iOS but without the need to pull to refresh.

This bug affects only the older V2 motion sensors (CR2450 battery)

  • model: 3325-S
  • application:
  • manufacturer: CentraLite
  • endpointId: 01
  • Firmware: 0x1F015310

I could not replicate this using the newer motion sensor (thicker CR2477 battery)

  • model: motionv4
  • application: 19
  • manufacturer: SmartThings
  • endpointId: 01
  • Firmware: 0x00000019 (update available to 0x0000001B but not applied)

I would open a support ticket. I did under #487351.

The buggy model I am using is:

model: motionv4
application: 19
manufacturer: SmartThings
endpointId: 01

Current Version: 0x00000019
Target Version: 0x0000001B

@SteveWhite this appears to be the same one you specified as working flawlessly.

I am using this version as well with same issue

Filed a ticket as well 488159

Tried it again, could not duplicate on the newer hardware.

I have below verison with latest firmware

application: 19
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: SmartThings
model: motionv4
Current Version: 0x0000001B
Target Version: 0x0000001B

And I could simulate the problem also want to say need to replace battery after like 9 months

How did you get the target and current firmware to match?

You need to enable ZigBee OTA in hub level but obviously the bug still exist

I thought I’d add some more info.

I originally had two Smartthings motion sensors. One a couple of feet from the SmartThings Hub and one at the end of its reach. I assumed it is at the end because it would frequently go offline.

Both motion sensors exhibited the bug.

To prevent the far one from disconnecting I got a Smartthings outlet to make use of its repeater functionality.

I retested the bug but was unable to reproduce it in the far away one but still able to reproduce it in the near one.

The near one probably does not use/need the repeater. But the far one probably does.

It may be a coincidence that I have ST outlet nearby as well but it is hard to judge whether my hub or outlet is closer to the motion sensor