Refreshing Data and Notification?

Ok, so I am trying to figure out how to do something and I am not sure if it can be done. I have several sensors in my house that are not used very frequently, therefore, no information shows up in the Activity Feed. I am attempting to use Dashboard - Device Check smartapp to identify those devices that may not be working any longer. Is there any way to force a device to check in, possibly with a custom device handler? I have used the Pollster smartapp to force a refresh, but the issue is when I poll the deviced, it generates the activity in the feed which then leaves it out of the Device Check notification. Maybe I am going about it all wrong, but I would like for a device to talk to the hub every 12 hours or so, that way I will be able to identify those devices that have, for some reason or another, dropped out of the network.

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A lot of devices check in at regular intervals, but if nothing has changed the DTH raises a hidden event which can’t be detected by monitoring SmartApps.

The Simple Device viewer checks for events, but it can also check for state changes so it’s usually more accurate than the others. It can also poll the devices that don’t check in automatically.

This SmartApp provides some other useful features like sending notifications based on last activity, temperature, and battery level.

If you’re using Smart Bulbs and you lose power, all of them will turn on when your power’s restored and this SmartApp has a button you can use to turn them all off.

The original purpose of this SmartApp was to group devices with specific capabilities together so you can see them on from a single screen.

Some DTH are written to not change the state or raise an event if nothing changed and if you want them to check in regularly, you will have to modify the DTH. See my GitHub repo for some common devices that I’ve already done this to.

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Thank you, I will install it and test it out!

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