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Notification of disconnected devices

(Alan Peck) #1

Occasionally, I open my Smartthings app to discover a disconnected device, but Smartthings provides me no automatic notification of this offline status. Does anyone know of a software solution (Tasker, etc.) that can detect if a device(s) is/are disconnected and push a phone notification?

(Bob Kerr) #2

There are several apps, here is one of them:

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(Lee Florack) #3

Agree. Device Monitor is a great tool for tracking and notification of devices dropping off the mesh. I’ve used it for a long time and it makes administering SmartThings devices much easier.

(Alan Peck) #4

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like exactly what I need.

As I am new to Smartthings and have not previously used SmartApps, Github, etc., could you kindly outline the steps involved in implementing this app or provide a link to a primer or wiki on doing so?


(Bob Kerr) #5

This other great monitoring app includes a link to Wiki. -:slight_smile:

[RELEASE] Simple Device Viewer

(Alan Peck) #6


Reviewed the link. Can you confirm that this app can detect that a device is disconnected and send a push notification?

(Alan Peck) #7

Thanks for the links. I installed the app, but, unless I’m missing something, I don’t see any option to detect offline devices and receive notifications of same.

(Kevin) #8

Not all devices support Health Check so in the “Threshold Settings” section you need to fill in the “Last Event Threshold” option and enable “Override Last Event Threshold for Offline Devices?”.

In the “Notification Settings” section you have to enable “Send Push Notifications?” and “Send Last Event Notifications?”.

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