Red LEDs -- Hub unresponsive -- Failed Firmware Update 17.11

My hub was scheduled for firmware update today, when I got home about 6:30 central time I noticed the door didn’t auto unlock. I sat on the couch and noticed a few alexa smart things commands didn’t work. I looked over and noticed red lights on my hub. I figured I’d wait awhile see what happens. About 8 or so I decided to reboot the hub, same thing. I let it sit for awhile longer and then submitted a ticket to ST about 10:20PM. A little while later I got this. I’ve been through all the troubleshooting steps and I’ve seen elsewhere they are halting further upgrades because of issues.

Same here. Can’t get it back online.

Blinking magenta LEDs all night long. I did a manual hard reset but it did not help.

No issues here on .11

Please submit tickets to support@ - we are evaluating every single one of these reports.

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Has the update been put on hold, so others are not affected?

Yes it was.

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There is a ticket for me but we’re going on 16 or so hours now with no reply. This is very frustrating. There is a real possibility that I’m going to have to start from scratch and there appears to be no reply from ST.

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If you havent back by COB today, please DM your ticket number and I’ll dig into it

OMG… please don’t pooch my hub. I have a good 100 hours invested there. I left Wink for this reason.

I received confirmation from support yesterday afternoon that my hub was not recoverable and I’d have to start over. This was due to solid red led once powered on by ac adapter, batteries, after reboots and reset button attempts.

I had an extra hub and I’d already been down for 24 hours so I spent about 5 or so hours last night excluding/resetting devices and readding. I’ve added about 90% of my devices back. I did setup a few smart apps but have a to go to get everything back the way it was and tweaked.

A fresh start is nice because you can reevaluate your setup but it’s a painstaking process.

Hi @Aaron,

Please don’t push this update to my hub until you work out the BUGs! I can’t stand another Tung Lashing from my wife! I will be giver her your cellphone number so that she can straighten ST out if you mess up my HUB!

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See this thread for the most up to date info:

My Hub was on steady red so I disconnected it and removed batteries. It is now well over an hour ago and the Hub light is a steady Green.