Recreate a routine in the new Smartthings

I used to have several routines in the Classic app, but accidentally deleted them after migrating to the new app. For example, one of them would send me a notification if the garage door sensor was open for an elapsed time of 15 minutes. Now with the new scenes/automations/smartapps, I cannot find a way to duplicate this functionality. Specifically, I see where I can create an automation that detects the sensor is open and can send a notification, but cannot find a way to do that after an elapsed time.

You can get an action after a delay, but that’s not the same thing as “after is open for“. Because if the sensor closes during the 15 minutes, you still get the notification. :disappointed_relieved:

If you want to get a notification after a delay with the new app you can do it with either Webcore or sharptools.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, sending a notification regardless of the door position is not good. I am using Sharptools, but it sends me an email. But considering that sometimes the email is delayed for some unknown reason (probably my provider) , that is also not ideal. I really regret deleting that group of routines. I vaguely remember that I created them using the classic apps monitoring apps. I don’t understand why they all couldn’t get carried forward.

Maybe I have to look into Webcore.

Sharptools has several different notification options depending on your phone model. Maybe there’s another alternative there.


Thanks for the tag, @JDRoberts. :smiley:

Pushbullet and Pushover are good options for push notifications. Pushbullet is free on Android, but was recently pulled from iOS. Pushover is an increasingly popular solution with fast delivery, support for multiple platforms, and only a one-time fee of $5 per platform (eg. iOS / Android).

SMS notifications are included for US/Canada with SharpTools Premium. Otherwise you can setup Twilio SMS on a free account or for international use (more details).

And you’re already aware of the Email option. :slight_smile: It’s usually fairly instant sending to my Gmail account, but email could get delayed for a number of reasons.

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So here’s an new gotcha for the community. Looks like I needed to install webcore while I still had the classic app on my phone. Now that I migrated, and deleted the classic app, I can’t integrate them. I installed webcore, but ST doesn’t see it.

I used to love getting SMS messages from ST instead of the notifications. But then ST pulled that for us in Canada. So I was left with enabling the native notifications and the Sharptools emails. But now I lost the notifications with the upgrade, and as I said, my emails aren’t always timely.

$5 one time for Pushover, or $30/year for Sharptools premium? Sorry Josh, which way do you think I might be leaning?

I just wish Samsung wouldn’t release product until it’s really ready for prime time and breaks all the old stuff. On the other hand, it’s because of their gaps that guys like you come up with Sharptools and Pushbullet/Pushover.