Reconfigure Geofence with Arrival Sensor


(Balazs) #1

I recently purchased a ST Arrival Sensor, because the 500ft minimum that I could set up with my iPhone seemed too big…

Now the question is: how do I get the Arrival Sensor’s new range to take effect?

I removed my phone as a presence sensor, now I only have the arrival sensor, but the app is not letting me go lower than 500ft. I also turned off Location Service for the ST app.

Using Smart Hub v2 and iOs app.

(Brad) #2

The physical Arrival sensor doesn’t utilize the geofence of your location. The Arrival sensor is a zigbee device. When it is within range of your zigbee network, it is marked Present. When it’s out of range (or the battery dies), it is marked as away.

(Robin) #3

Or when the internet goes down, which is annoying when it comes back on and triggers arrival routines.