Presence sensor area

Me and my wife both have these on our key rings allowing the house to know if we are home or away.
When we approach Home it picks us up at the bottom of the driveway but when we leave it says we have left when we get to the bottom the road.
I wanted to know why it’s two different places when I’ve set the perimeter to be the end of the road. Is there two different perimeters I should be setting?

The arrival sensors have a timeout feature that waits a set amount of time before the system determines the sensor has actually departed.

It’s meant to prevent issues with a sensor momentarily dropping out because of WiFi interference, a weak spot in your zigbee mesh, etc, while you’re still at home, and then all your goodbye automations run.

Instead the system waits for the sensor to remain “away” for a set amount of time before calling it actually away.

I haven’t used an arrival sensor in a few months, but I think that timeout period can be set in the device settings page, IIRC.