Arrival Sensor Issues?

So my arrival sensors that I ordered have already worked way better than the iPhone geofence, but they are still not as reliable as I would like. For example, when our car pulls into the garage, we got out and walked into our house and the alarm goes off. Most of the time it disarms it when the car is in the garage but this time it did not. As for the other car, that one is on the driveway and rarely shows up as “present”. A little disappointed, what is the fix?


The garage is a touchy place for the zigbee signals to get around. There are a lot of things blocking the signal, like that great big piece of metal (your car) sitting in the middle.

It has been highly recommended to install a zigbee repeater somewhere close by the garage, that seems to help some.

Take a look around and do some searches of your own on the forum. There is a lot of advice out there just waiting to be found.

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If you are using SHM, then the disarming has been sometimes resistant even to manual disarming via the phone-app. It may not be a problem with the arrival sensors.

The actual recognition of the arrival sensors may not be the problem for SHM but bamarayne advice for repeaters is still good for that car on the driveway.