Recommendations for Smart Speakers?

I initially went through the tedious process of creating a different virtual switch for each voice announcement I wanted. Then Taustin introduced the Alexa Multi-trigger driver, and it was a game-changer for me. It’s one device that offers 19 different virtual contact sensors to trigger Alexa routines. I tried using 2 Ikea Sonoff speakers for my announcements, but they didn’t work reliably and were expensive, so I returned them. Echo devices, on the other hand, are cheap, sometimes priced as low as $25 when they’re on sale. This setup works perfectly, allowing me to announce anything I want from SmartThings, and it’s very affordable. If you want more announcements, you can simply add another multi-trigger device and get 19 additional announcements. It’s a flexible and scalable solution that allows you to expand as needed. No, it’s not as easy as sending the announcement directly from the ST routine, but I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on speakers either.