Recommendations for Motion Sensors 2021

Looking for recommendations for the best motion sensors to use with SmartThings Hub now that SmartThings is no longer selling their sensors. Looking for the ones that folks find to be the most responsive and have the least connectivity issues. While the price is not a determining factor it should be a consideration as I want to purchase a bunch.

@JDRoberts always asks what country are you in? as the selection varies :slight_smile:

there was an earlier thread on sensors that might help get you started with some answers


My vote is for battery-less… Having gone the route of changing batteries at all times of the year and ensuring I have the various form factors available, I am choosing to ‘simplify.’

Here is what I am putting around the house…

GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Motion Light Dimmer

As a side benefit, although they are dimmers, you can choose to have them as simple switches. They also act as repeaters, allowing a ‘stronger’ mesh.

Too bad they cannot integrate a temp sensor as well… :slight_smile: