Iris motion sensor vs the rest

I have several fibero and zoom motion sensors (zwave). I find that there is a delay from when it senses motion until the light comes on. Sometimes several seconds. Someone gave me an iris motion sensor (zigbee) that cheaper motion sensor works instantly every time.
I’m curious why that is. Is Zigbee that much faster or is it because the other sensors detect other things as well

Zigbee is almost always faster, it has better power management so it sleeps a little less. This has been discussed in the forums quite a few times, And people have tested it out practically, it’s not just theoretical. Just look for any of the threads on “what’s the best motion sensor?” :sunglasses:

That said, the Fibaro can be adjusted significantly to improve its response time, but if you do that, it will use up batteries faster. Most of the other Z wave sensors don’t offer the same kind of parameter options.

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ZigBee tends to a slightly faster (depends on brand and how your z-mesh is setup). If you have a lot of ZWave repeaters it can slow it down sometimes but on the flip side it makes for a stronger mesh.

Battery life depends a lot on the manufacturer. We have EcoLink motion sensors running on the same battery over 4 years now while some of the more 4 in 1 types last from 3 to 9 months.

Iris Motions are my preferred motion sensors and believe me I have sampled alot of them!

I also have 4 Ecolinks that refuse to die. They last forever, have pet immune features but are big and clunky and takes about 4 minutes to report no motion while the Iris only takes 30 seconds.

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