Iris Motion Sensor fastest?

So far I’ve tried the EcoLink, Monoprice, Fibaro, and Iris motion sensors. Iris is the fastest, hands down, followed by Ecolink, then Fibaro, then Monoprice. Is there anything faster out there?

Agreed. The Iris is fast. I’m happy with the Ecolink followed by the Smartthings flavor.

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Yes, Iris has been the fastest for me too. However, recently I have noticed one of my Iris motion detectors has become slower to trigger. I wonder if my network mesh has changed that is causing this. Is there a way to debug this?

Mine are fast, and the battery life has been great. I assumed the one in the garage, where it get to about 4ºC, would die quickly, but I was completely wrong.

They’ve never missed a beat.

The Iris uses zigbee, all the others that you mentioned are zwave.

Some of the other zigbee sensors are comparably fast.

You can adjust the response window on the Fibaro using the advanced parameter settings, but if you make it respond more quickly it will also use up battery faster.

I don’t know if anyone has tested it specifically, but theoretically a mains powered sensor should be able to be more responsive than any battery powered sensor.

So you could also look at the aeotec sensor when on USB power ( you will have to configure advanced parameters, and make sure that the sensor joins the network while it is on USB power, not just batteries) or the Homeseer motion sensor. They’re both Z wave. I can’t guarantee they’ll be faster then the battery powered zigbee sensors, but it might be worth a try.

This is the default warning for all of these devices, but I wonder if anyone has thoroughly tested them with the faster response times. For instance if we’re only shaving a few months off battery life, I’d be willing to keep them scanning as fast as possible.

Has anyone tried the NYCE ceiling motion sensors? It’s Zigbee, so it should be fast… And I like the idea of it being on the ceiling. Maybe it has better battery life than my Iris’s, which seem to be just devouring batteries.

Sorry for the nectopost but I wanted to weigh in for others with your same question.

I have the Aeotec Gen6 motion sensor hooked up to wall power, and even with the highest sensitivity set, it is not very good. I have tried a few DTHs and there is just no way to get the response time or sensitivity anywhere near as good as the Samsung or Centralite (Zigbee) sensors I have.

And on that note, try the Centralite micro motion sensor.