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I’m about to do a kitchen remodel and will be incorporating smart lighting but need help to make sure I’m doing the right things. Here is my challenge: I will have 5 can lights on one single pole switch and want to control 1 (Sink light) separately from the other 4 (Main kitchen lights).

I planned on getting an Aeotec hub, can lights would be Halo HLB6 WiZ smart lights, single pole switch would be Zooz Zen32 scene controller. I would also install Zen32 switches in other locations of the kitchen to control other lights but set Scenes to just turn on either the 1 Sink light, the 4 Man can lights, all 5 or a combination of other lights/brightnesses throughout the kitchen.

Will this work or does someone have another suggestion?

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That should work fine if The Wiz lights have a smartthings integration. However, I didn’t see that specific model listed in the SmartThings app under Wiz, so you might want to verify with their tech-support that it is included in the official cloud to cloud integration. :thinking:

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I am using Wiz GU10 bulbs but don’t have this Halo HLB6 model but if you are able to add this to the Wiz app, then it should flow to Smartthings too.

Also, if you have this Smart HLB WiZ Pro Canless | Cooper Lighting Solutions | Cooper Lighting Solutions, then it should integrate with smartthings

@Subramanian_Swaminat yes, those are the lights I was planning to get. They say they are compatible with Smart things and the Zen32 is also compatible but requires the Edge Driver, not sure what that is…

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requires the Edge Driver, not sure what that is…

This should help explain:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Just read the first section, and it should answer most of your questions. :sunglasses:

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This is a great switch, I’m sure you will be happy with the possibilities is provides. The link from @JDRoberts is a must-read! You’ll also want to review this link for information on the required Edge drivers for this device.


Thanks for confirming that this is a good switch. I just want to make sure I understand how it works. Even when it’s “off” the smart lights on that circuit can still be turned on with an action from another device, right?

Also, do you know if you can set switch 1 to turn on the smart lights and dim them or will they always go on at full brightness?

I thought the lights you mentioned were Wi-fi as I have 6 Wiz bulbs all of which are Wi-fi so it should connect straight to your wiz app when pairing. Then, you can link Wiz and Smartthings after which it will appear in Smartthings like how it happened for me. I don’t even know if Wiz has any Zigbee versions for their bulbs…Can’t comment on Zen32 as I don’t know what they are.

Drivers come into play only for Zigbee or Z-wave devices as per my understanding.

Correct - in the settings, you would set “relay load control” to “disable switch and z-wave”, meaning the load connection from the switch is always on, regardless of the switch’s on/off status. You’ll need to have the Zooz custom driver for this switch installed to have all the settings available.

Since the load isn’t being controlled by the output, you can have the button call any scene you want, including lights set to a certain dim setting; it’s all in how you configure your scenes and routines.


Understand the current ZEN32 is an on/off switch, not a dimmer. However a recent mailing from Zooz said,

You’ve asked about a dimmer version of the popular Zooz Scene Controller for a while now. Great news: you can get one later this spring.
The device will have all the features you love about the original Scene Controller plus dimming capability to get even more out of the smart lighting in your home.

So that’s another future possibility!

What @MarkTr said above is one good, viable approach. Alternatively, other devices or routines can trigger the relay output of the ZEN32 switch. So you have many choices on how to control your devices. :wink:

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I mentioned dimmer but I meant an action the sets the light to 80% as an example.
So many options going through my head. One option could be for the main button to turn on/off all of the can lights as designed and use one of the scene button to turn off everything but the light over the sink and adjust the brightness to 80%). I could then double click that same button (or use another scene button) to turn the sink light off. Am I on the right track?

That’s exactly how I use one of my ZEN32 Scene Control Switches! A button (labeled ‘K’) turns on a number of Kitchen Work Lights. Double-click it and it turns off all but one above the sink. Trple-click turns them all off.

Another button (labeled ‘N’) turns on Night Mode. That, basically, executes the Goodnight! Scene that does a lot of stuff–including changing the color of the ‘N’ button so you can see if you’re in night or day mode.

The possibilities are endless…


Thank you all for your help, I’m feeling a little more confident.

Is it possible to use a scene button to turn on the main switch and also turn on or off certain smart lights? I would think so but just want to double check.

The Scene button itself does no more than send a message to the hub. A Routine running on the hub sees the Scene button push and does anything you want that a Routine can do–including taking multiple actions to control devices, set dimmer levels, lock the door, turn down the heat, turn off the television, and flush the toilet…


Thank you @Barkis . This is going to be fun.

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