Device help needed! Kitchen project


Would love some help on the issue I’m running into below:

We just moved into a new apartment where we are renting and rewiring for smart switches is not an option.

The bulbs in the kitchen fixtures are G8 halogen.
Since they do not sell WiFi integrates G8 bulbs, does anyone have a recommendation about what bulbs to use or how to integrate it with SmartThings?

I’m sure there’s a way and would love any assistance the forum can provide. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

I highly recommend Philips hue with the bridge. That will give you super fast local running lights (just have to do the automations in smart lighting).

Does Phillips have compatible G8 lights that work with their hub?

Thanks -
Jess Jarkowsky

Welcome to the SmartThings community. While I agree that Phillips Hue is a great option, I don’t think they make a G8 bulb. Your only option may be to put in a smart switch. Why is this not possible? You can always just swap it back if/when you move? Or leave it - they work like regular switches if there is no hub so landlord might not even notice.

First, we need to ask what country you are in, as the device selection does vary somewhat.

That said, you are correct that there are no G8 Smart bulbs that I am aware of. There just really isn’t room for a radio in that format.

There are multiple smart switches that you can use, however, and some of them fit over the existing switch and then mechanically move the switch underneath. So those can be used with any existing dumb bulbs because you aren’t going to change the wiring and you aren’t going to change the existing switch.

They do stick out from the wall quite a bit, though, so you have to think about whether you’re OK with that.

Again, though, we need to know what country you’re in.

If you are in the US, the Third Reality Zigbee Smart Switch Cover has an official SmartThings Integration and works quite well. I have a couple of days at my own house. (US) the only thing is that they are fairly noisy because they are moving the switch underneath and you can hear the motor when you turn the switch on or off. Not terrible, about the same as a typical smart lock, but not like some of the other smart switches that don’t have to do this mechanical movement as well.

It is sold on Amazon with its own hub or individually. You don’t need their hub if you have a smartthings hub, smartThings can act as the controller instead. :sunglasses:

This lists for $39.99, but seems to go on sale fairly often.

Ecolink has a similar battery powered Z wave device (US only) which physically moves the switch underneath.