Recessed LED lighting wifi alexa google Zwave zigbee Tunable

Redoing all LED can lights .

I need suggestions that are Fully tunable white colors or better yet RGBW, an ombiance or night light ring would be a bonus but most importantly they must Dome out (if theres is a name for them curving out vs old recessed can look) please share that

Image example attached of what i mean by them dome OUT

Any suggestions of a Smart MATTER Zwave Zigbee 6" dome out alexa google control to smarthings would be ideal too

Hardwired or needing to connect to a bulb socket in an old can is fine also.

Please suggest each or your favorites

Convex or dome. :sunglasses: (many lighting manufacturers will offer both “convex“ and “concave“ versions.)

(I’ve seen some of the bigger dumb lights, say 11 inches in diameter, called “puff lights,” but I’ve never seen that term used in the smaller sizes.)

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Heres an example but Lumary seems very cheap, & uses its own app.
Any opinions on Lumary & linked with smartthings

Here’s a good example of all physical functions but doesn’t allow simple connection into an old can for retrofit, the twist in Bulb end for power connection