Receptacles / In-Wall smart outlet


I’m want to install some ZWave receptacle. I purchased a Leviton DZR15-1LZ and it performed well. The only problem it’s the residual voltage left when you turn it off… I plugged a multimeter and I get 120V when ON and 90V when OFF… I saw the same effect from some plug-in modules, it doesnt turn off completely. So, if I plug a led lamp, it won’t completely turn off because there’s still voltage.

So, I’m wondering if it’s the same with the GE 12721 receptacle… Before ordering, I want to make sure it turns off the power (0V with a multimeter).


Your Leviton has load sensing that’s why you have that voltage and problem with low wattage led. The GE 1272 is just an ON/Off so there should not be a problem.

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Allright, thanks! I’ll give it a try and order one!

I ran into the same problem, after I put in a bunch of them, really sucks. Must of the Christmas light LED decorations will not. Shut off.

I was originally going to use the GE ones but they only come in white for some reason, all of my switches are GE and they come 3 different colors.

Also with the Leviton outlet seems to be no way to shut off the LED indicator which is another problem.