Real Time Clock or ST Schedule?

(Brian) #1

I am building an alarm clock, essentially, with a thing shield. My question is should I use an external real time clock module like this or should I have the clock set an ST schedule() that fires the logic?

(Alex) #2

The schedule may fire on time, late or never. If it’s important to you to show up on time, consider using the module.

(Brian) #3

I suspected so. Also would give me accurate output on an LCD if I wanted.

(George Sudarkoff) #4

I have to say, I really hate the trend of shifting ALL the smarts into the cloud. I think it is lazy and is not very fault tolerant. With no local brains there is no graceful degradation, the thingamajig either sorta works or it doesn’t at all. In other words, use the clock module :smile:

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #5

I think it guarantees (like TiVo) a revenue stream, if (or when) they choose to implement it.

(Brian) #6

@sudarkoff I appreciate your POV. It’s very true that having the RTC locally would ensure the clock still functioned as a clock when all else fails.