RBoys Lock User Management notifications not working?

Hi, I just noticed recently (not sure when) my RBoys Lock User Management notifications are not working. Is there anything I should do to get them back? Or should I be looking for a new alternative with the new SmartThings changing on the horizon. Any suggestions there (that’s hopefully be pretty easy to implement)?

All groovy SmartApps were shut off in January as part of the transition to the new architecture. That includes all Rboy smartapps. See the following thread for a more detailed explanation:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

There are several existing threads discussing lock management alternatives. Some people have found they can just use the official feature, smart lock guest access (SLGA). But it does not have as many features as
LUM had.

There is a new community created lock manager app which you can try if this is just for your own home.


SharpTools is also being used as a replacement by some people.

If you need something to manage rental properties, there are a number of possible alternatives, none an exact match for what you had before, but different people are finding different ones useful. Here’s a thread on that aspect:


And here’s the official support article on SLGA if you want to start with that:

Thanks! Funny I never noticed it till now, but that explains the funky behavior I’ve noticed with it.

I first tried the Smart Lock Guest Access. Looked like it almost would have worked but I didn’t see any notification options. I didn’t miss it right? That’s a deal breaker for me.

I decided to give lockmanager.io a spin. I got through everything just fine (I think) but now I’m stuck on installing the app. Not seeing the Discover option when I click “Create routine” like the picture. Is there another place I should be doing it? Should I be asking somewhere else?

you can use SharpTools for notifications (may require the premium version)


Thanks. Kinda pricey just for that featue. Maybe if I ever used the others (dashboard and such) it’d be worth it but not right now.

Am I missing something trying to install the app with lockmanager.io? Just can’t seem to figure that out right now.

Maybe my searching is failing me (not the first time it would be haha), but does it seem like there’s not a go to solution right now with this issue?

There isn’t anything that’s an exact substitute for LUM, unfortunately. :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t know anything about lockmanager.io other than that the author is a long established member of this community and quite a few people have been using it. Best to ask any questions in that author thread. Maybe other people using it can help.

As far as SharpTools, that’s been super popular since it was first introduced. There’s a sale that happens to end today for $24 for the first year. Even at the regular $30/year price It might be worth paying for just to have the functionality now and hope that @rboy comes up with a replacement for his in that time. But obviously, that’s a personal decision, and it’s frustrating that the official smartthings features don’t include more options. :rage:

Beyond that, there’s not much anyone can say. Smartthings provided free hosting for custom code for about 10 years, and that led to a lot of very creative projects, but once they made the decision to shut that down, it did mean people had to find their own alternatives. they announced that the changes were coming about two years in advance, which was good, but they never did give any real guidance as to what to do next. So I think that’s been frustrating for everybody who was using custom code.

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