RBAC in main phone app

I did a quick search and didn’t find a good answer so question time it is.

Sigh… SO my wife in all her wisdom decided today to delete a ton of my automations on her phone because she thought they were all local. I was confused after I arrived home to find the alarm not turning off and it alerting. I looked at the phone app to discover the mess she made. I had some not so nice thoughts, but alas it is what it is.

This got me to thinking is there a way to do role based access inside the SmartThings ecospace? If not is there a good utility to do backups and restore?


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It’s not built into the official features at the present time.

Many people who have housemates or children or other people that they want to give device control access to, but not the equivalent of administrator access to change rules or delete devices, use a third-party app, SmartTiles. Very popular.

It runs in pretty much any web browser, so you can use it on any phone. You will have to use your SmartThings account to set it up, but once the dashboard is set up the person does not have access to anything except the devices that you selected.

People also use it in a wall mount tablet for similar reasons.



I don’t know if CORE allows you to export your rules or not. If you check that thread I’m sure that has been addressed there. I have never tried CORE. I understand it has a learning curve, but there is lots of help available.

There is another app called SmartRules which does allow you to export rules created in the app. The drawback here is that you can only create one rule for free. The app cost $9.99 in order to create unlimited rules. The advantage to this app is it’s very intuitive and user friendly.

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Thing Set granularity based sharing (ie, customized dashboard) is a key feature that will be steadily introduced and improved in the next generation of SmartTiles (“V6”) currently in final Beta stages.