Raspberry Pi SmartThings Smart Home Dashboard (v1.0)

I just completed the first fully-functional version of my Smart Home Dashboard. It is a Webhook SmartApp running on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I’ve been posting my progress in a series that I hope will give others the information and inspiration they need to create their own.

You can get the details and the code here: https://frydaydevelopment.com/smartthings-smart-home-dashboard-7/


Very nice!

Just curious, you’ve got 12 rooms, you didn’t hit the 30 devices per app limit?

I may be getting around this by not having the user select devices when they install the app. I just use a Personal Access Token to retrieve all rooms and devices at the location and then subscribe to the specific capabilities that my app supports (battery, contactSensor, doorControl, lock, motionSensor, presenceSensor, relativeHumidityMeasurement, switch, switchLevel, temperatureMeasurement, thermostatCoolingSetpoint, thermostatFanMode, thermostatHeatingSetpoint, thermostatMode, and thermostatOperatingState).

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I just looked and actually I do make them pick two devices. That’s a leftover from when I first started this series to demonstrate how that worked. I’ll probably update that so that it’s more clear to the user installing the app what it is actually doing.

Thanks for making me take a second look!

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