Range extending my smartthings hub 2018 version

I have seen some posts about this but when i follow the links they items aren’t available
I have a large workshop down my garden and my wifi reaches there
I have several smart devices etc down there and i can control them with apps.
But i want to use a smartthings button to turn everything on or off for anyone else who goes down there but the button doesn’t work down their as it is out of range.

Any recommendations please


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How far away is your workshop? You may just need a Zigbee repeater device at your home and within range of another one (maybe) in your workshop.

Its about 20 meters from my house , but the smart things button has a weak signal because it runs from a battery. so i need something that is plugged in in my shed that will have a stronger signal and hopefully it will connect to my smartthings hub.
As i said my Wifi reaches there no problem
I am new to this sort of thing and don’t want to spend money on things i don’t need

Zigbee or Z-wave…?
In both cases most mains powered devices acts as a repeater…
The cheap IKEA trådfri outlets does a good job extending the Zigbee mesh…

No worries! WiFi will have a stronger signal than your zigbee/zwave mesh. Just so that I don’t assume, you have the SmartThings button, correct? I just want to make sure your wording isn’t too generic because it does depend on the device and what repeater you will need.

Because of that distance, you will want a repeater in your workshop.

If you have the SmartThings button, then definitely use an IKEA wall plug, or an ST branded plug since they are both Zigbee and can extend your mesh. When you get one and add it to SmartThings, add it to your hub in the workshop so it can extend your mesh to the shop, and then join (rejoin) the button in the workshop so it uses your new plug to route through to you hub.

What country are you in because some products may not be available in your region?


Hi yes it is a smartthings button.
I am in the UK.
I have found the ST plug.
Thank you

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Excellent! If you need any more help there are plenty of people around to assist.

plug turned up today, that did the trick.
Thanks for helping


My pleasure!