Adding Garage how to add Smartthings?

Building a new garage that is steel and 100 feet from the house. This would be 150 feet from the hub I have now. Not sure how to add Smartthings. I can put a WiFi extender and add a new hub, but not sure this is the best way. I would like both hubs to talk so they both know the status of doors etc. I do not think I can extend Zwave that far, and want motions sensors etc to work. Any good ideas???

Thanks Walter

I would not add another Hub because that brings on other issues since the two hubs won’t talk to each other. Just get a Zwave Plus device (outlet / switch / bulb) to act as a Z-wave signal repeater for the network mesh so the Z-Wave signal can “hop” using the repeater device so locate it to where it is physically closest to the Garage. Z-wave Plus adds up to 150m (492 ft). which is 50% more than legacy Z-Wave so make sure to get the newer technology. Z-Wave supports up to 4 of these hops

It is easy enough to test the range. I ended up installing an outdoor GE plug to extend my network out to the backyard but it is the older Zwave so its limited to half the distance of the newer technology.

Of course this only extends the Z-wave out not ZigBee or WiFi which you would have to do separately. It all depends on what devices you plan on adding on out at the garage.

Here some more info to be aware of about SmartThings wireless


I tried using Z-Wave Plus devices to reach my barn 75’ away. No dice, no way, not even close. I ended up using Iris Smart Plugs which are ZigBee as repeaters and it works flawlessly with no delay and they reach my garage which is 150’ away. Only issue is that I am now limited to ZigBee only devices in the garage. If you run Ethernet out there and a wireless router, you could also add WiFi devices as well I suppose.

All of the SmartThings branded devices are ZigBee. Most all of the Iris branded devices are ZigBee. GE makes a ZigBee paddle style switch and dimmer. Haven’t seen much else available/useful in ZigBee however.

The Iris SmartPlugs also have a Z-Wave repeater built in, but since the Z-Wave doesn’t reach my barn or garage, it’s useless in those spots. They do work in the plugs I have in my house.