Range Extender to get 200' to my shop (has Ethernet)?

I have a couple Z-wave switches out in my metal sided & roofed barn/shop. It’s about 200’ from the house & unsurprisingly the switches are rather flaky. Rather surprisingly I was able to add them to my network at that range at all. There really isn’t any way to stick a switch or outlet between the shop & the house to get something to act as a repeater. I do have Ethernet & WiFi out in the shop, so I’m assuming another hub or something plugged into Ethernet is going to be the best idea. What is the cheapest most effective option for extending my Z-wave network (maybe Zigbee too) out there?

I’d buy a used v1 hub for this. And set it up as a separate location.

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A pair of these may also work installed on the closest outside wall at each location. Rain may cause some flakeyness with this solution. I own one and i’m extremely impressed by its range.

I’d be surprised if you will get any powered Z-wave repeaters to extend the crappy mesh network out that far. :rage:

I have been trying to extend my Z-Wave and Zigbee HA network to our garage (about 100’ from the V2 in the house with a few walls) where I have a Z-Wave enabled door lock and garage door sensor. I have employed a dedicated Z-Wave repeater as well as the Iris AC powered outlet, and it has not worked to extend that distance.

Best bet, purchase another used ST hub, which has several drawbacks:

  1. no integration with other devices not on the same hub
  2. more maintenance
  3. investing $$$ in SmartThings rather than waiting for another {better} system that might have hub to hub communications, etc.