Random (seeming) Intermittent IoT outages including SmartThings

Am getting seemingly random intermittent outages on SmartThings, Hue and Fing but does not show up on streaming or browsing devices. Outage time varies from 5ish min to an hour and happens almost every hour.

Have AT&T fiber to Google Home routers.

SmartThings 1.6.65-502

I am not experiencing any type of outages. Which hub do you have? Are you also seeing these outages in the hue app or only through ST? Can you describe the type of outages you are seeing… devices offline, total loss for every device or limited to hue, etc?

SmartThings Hub Model Number: IM6001-V3P01

SmartThings disconnection events

When happening SmartThings and Hue cannot see/control any devices, Hue or others, including Lutron and GE switches. Otherwise streaming and browsing via TV and computer works fine during these “disconnected” periods.

since so many of your different ecosystems are being affected, try restarting your modems/routers, especially if any are using wireless.

also, the modems/routers/various hubs should not all be stacked or close together.

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Unplug the SmartThings hub and see if it still happens with just the hue bridge.

Is this acceptable?

If not I do not know what I am going to do because I don’t want these sprinkled all over the house and I don’t want to run network cabling everywhere to get distance.

The outlet at the bottom kills everything - modem, switch, router and hubs. Have done that but has not changed anything.

that looks like a good rack setup. nothing directly stacked on top of anything else.

If you’re not having problems, that setup is fine. :sunglasses:

If you are having problems, those are way too close together. Your horizontal distance looks like less than a meter. The usual best practices advice for RF control units is 3 m apart. But the specific channels being used will make a difference as well. :thinking:

They were in this space before this problem started so I don’t think this is the problem.

As to the 3m distance. Who has the sq footage to do that? Where are people putting these things? That is just ridiculous if that is a big problem…Hey, buy into this whole IoT thing. Each of us companies has our own hub. Oh hey, each needs to be 3m apart.

The user experience in the IoT space is horrible and will only get worse. I want one hub for all IoT…one protocol, one source for debugging.

It’s just physics. Radio frequencies that overlap can cause interference.

But you could have what you described exactly the way you described: stick to one protocol, and most likely it would need to be Wi-Fi since you will probably also have other Wi-Fi devices, and you’re done. The new Matter Standard will likely make that even easier.

Or maybe two frequencies, WiFi and thread, but still one standard, Matter.

Back when smartthings was first designed the thought was that we could take all these different radios on all these different frequencies and somehow mix them all together in one box. But, you know, physics. :thinking: Hardware is hard.

Matter is likely to make things much simpler for the typical consumer. But you won’t be mixing together lots of different protocols anymore.