Rachio reinstalled, not pushing watering events in ST?

I noticed my Rachio devices weren’t working last month, while my system was still in standby. After reading, I found that i’d need to remove it and reinstall it. I did so, and have turned standby off on my Rachio to allow it to start watering as needed.

I have a WebCoRE piston set up that opens a valve in ST when Rachio starts watering, and then closes the valve when it’s done. This morning was the first time Rachio was scheduled to water, and I noticed that the valve hadn’t opened yet.

I looked in ST, and saw that my Rachio - Home device still didn’t say it was “Watering” (as the Rachio app itself did!), and the valve remained closed. I refreshed the Rachio - Home device in ST, which picked up that it was watering, and it kicked off the piston and opened the valve.

The Rachio - Home device appears to only be updating on the 15 minute polling interval, and not getting event-driven state updates. Is this just broken right now, or should I remove it and start from scratch again with the new community SmartApp / Device Handler (I forget which it is at the moment)?

Did you install the latest version of rachio manger?

That’s the one I was talking about at the end of my post… I wanted to try to stick with the official SmartApp, but since it still seems to be having issues even after I removed it and re-added it, I may go this route.

I still would like to know if anyone is still using the ST official app, and if I’m having expected results with the polling / events.