Qwikswitch Relay code

Hi Everyone, Not sure if this was posted before but i couldnt find anything. I need some help if at all possible.

I bought a cheaper relay to see if it would work with my ST hub, No surprise it doesnt. My mind says it should if i have the right code for it and create a device handler. Am i correct in thinking this?

Has anyone maybe used a Qwikswitch relay QS-R-S5 before and got it to work on ST. It does run at 868mHz.

Would appreciate the help.

EU z-zwave operates at 868.42 MHz. This is what SmartThings UK hub uses.

Malaysia z-Wave operates at 868.10 MHz.


QwikSwitch appears to operate at 868.0 MHz.

The fractions make a difference – – those different radios can’t talk to each other, although they might create interference.

So it’s not going to work with the SmartThings hub.

To work with SmartThings, the device has to have the exact same frequency and use a messaging format which is understood by SmartThings. ( that’s where the “certified Z wave” comes in.)


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Great, thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it, I will fork out more money and buy the correct switches, was worth a shot tho.