868.4 MHz frequency range

1- Please advise if the above version of ST officially released or not?
2- Is it available on AMAZON? Does it have a special code to order from it?
3- I’ve Qubino Z-Wave Plus modules, its not mentioned anymore in brands list of ST ver2.0, and even there is no “Generic Z-Wave device” inclusion, anybody adds Qubino modules? Please advise.

868 MHz is the frequency for Z-wave radios approved for use in the EU and UK. So yes, the SmartThings hub in the UK is officially released and uses this frequency.

I don’t know where it’s available for sale since I’m in the US.

Z-wave devices that aren’t officially approved by ST might work, it depends on the device. If it’s just a plain contact sensor, or motion sensor, then the generic device handlers may allow it to function normally. Or it may require a custom device handler.

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Smartthings has been officially released in the UK since end of the last year and uses the EU standard 868.4 frequency. You might not have noticed this as they had an exclusivity contract with Currys which limited accessibility to a lot potential customers.
As for Qubino devices, a quick search on this forum shows people with varying levels of success linking these to Smartthings.