Zigbee Multi Switch Driver Changed and doesn't work

I’ve had a couple for Zigbee Multi Switch devices running for 2/3 years…Since Thursday they keep going offline, I’ve noticed the driver now appears as Version 2023-07-05T19:21:37.446173169 and the description says “Smartthings driver for Zigbee switch devices” and doesn’t appear as a Multi switch and my routines have disappeared… Is this deliberate or a mistake ??? Thanks

The children may/should be located inside the parent device, some drivers have a option to create separate child devices, keep in mind they will then count towards your total device count.

Try creating a new routine and the options for main/switch1/switch2/etc. should be there, you can then update your automations,

If you cannot see the child switches list the switch information and someone will be able to recommend a driver to use that will expose them.