Quirky Aros AC Unit Help Please

My husband and I were looking for a small supplemental AC unit because of major uneven heating in our home and found the Aros AC unit for $150 at Walmart. We did a quick search and found that someone had written an app for it to be integrated into Smartthings mobile app utilizing the SmartApps.
We followed these directions and are getting this error:

No signature of method: script144001403656644345072.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script144001403656644345072$runclosure1) values: [script144001403656644345072$runclosure1@294da323] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

I am a complete novice at coding, so I do not really know exactly what I am looking for. I searched for “script”, “run_closure” and parts of that random number to maybe see if I could locate something but all to no avail.

I thought I would try the Quirky Connect app to see if I could get something to work. The app actually gets published but it’s getting errors. When I click on it after publishing it to me, it does nothing; a small ‘thinking’ wheel comes up like it’s loading something and then nothin happens. One person mentioned not enabling “OAuth” but when I go back in to the SmartApp and click on the 2 options that aren’t ‘Optional’, and I use the app it loads a screen that says

Connect to Quirky Wink
Tap to enter credentials,

When I click the box it brings me to a screen that shows a white box with the wink icon that will do nothing, and if I try it again it says

Error: Redirect URI is not authorized.

Is there anyone who could help me figure this out? It’s not bad switching between apps but we are more Smartthings fans than Wink so would like to have it all integrated in one if possible. I posted on the link with directions but have not gotten a response :frowning:

Thank you in advance!!

Have you tried getting indirect integration through the quirky arros IFTTT channel? It will depend on the specific use cases you had in mind, but when combined with a virtual momentary switch controlled by smart things, it should be pretty easy to at least set up some “scenes” that control the air conditioner.


Not a perfect integration, but might be better than nothing.

We were looking at having it all in one location not just turning on and off kind of thing. Don’t you need something that is SmartThings compatible to integrate with the IFTTT?
We bought the Aros because our thermostat says 77ºF but the SmartThings temp sensors read 73º and were are working on finding an optimal temp because the thermostat is on the main floor of our house (middle of 3) and is the hottest floor because of 3 tiny AC vents. When the central AC runs you can sense atleast a 10ºF difference between the top floor and middle (which my physics background this doesn’t make sense to me AT ALL).
We don’t mind having to switch between apps but it sounded like Twack had figured it out and I got excited. I’m also kind of using this to understand coding a little more because with the openness of SmartThings it seems that there is an endless amount of opportunities.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand this question. Many different things have their own individual IFTTT channels. Smartthings has one for itself, quirky aros has one for itself. IFTTT lets you connect the trigger from one channel with an event from another channel. The two devices do not have to directly integrate, that’s the whole point of IFTTT.

So you could use a sensor from smart things rising above a specific temperature to trigger the Quirky Aeros coming on at a different specific setpoint. You just have to look and see what’s available in each of the two channels.

Like I said, not a perfect integration, but it does give you some options.

(BTW, it’s not uncommon for temperature in one room to vary by 10° from one corner to another, once you factor in either air-conditioning, heater, or very bright sunlight. It happens-- ask any house cat. :cat2: It’s just one of the things you have to take into account with sensor placement. )

Yeah we are really trying to get the twack code to work. If that doesn’t then we are just gonna use the separate app, inconvenience but it has all the options and is easier to do what we want.
And I understand temperature fluctuations in a house but the design of this place was not thought out too well and when you add humidity it just makes it more uncomfortable so we bought a window unit to compensate and help so the central AC unit isn’t running all day.

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